Betts Award gets 2 winners!

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This was a very difficult competition this year, and we have two Betts Undergraduate Writing Award prize winners!  KATH has found a way to support two submissions – the winning prize of $100 and a second one with an Honorable Mention prize of $75.

Winner of the 2013 Betts Award: Jared Flanery, UK

Dr. Phil Harling, Professor of History at the University of Kentucky, sponsored the research paper by Jared Flanery who wrote “From the Treaty Port to the Village: Intellectuals and Peasants in the Chinese Communist Revolution” for his Honors section of HIS499 (senior seminar) in Fall 2012.

Honorable Mention: Anna Helton, WKU

Dr. Chunmei Du, Assistant Professor of History at Western Kentucky University, sponsored the research paper by Anna Helton who wrote “Foreign Intrusion as Sexual Seduction: Chinese Anti-Christian Writing and Popular Disturbance” for her Honors History 460 class.

Congratulations to both winners!


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