2005 Annual Meeting attendees

2005 KATH Annual Meeting – discussion session with Fitzhugh Brundage, keynoter, includes a high school teacher, public historian, independent scholars and professors from public and private postsecondary institutions

KATH has a long history of diverse Boards and membership lists. From its inception, KATH has always sought to empower those individuals committed to finding ways to cross traditional barriers between educational levels.

Too often, the educators who teach history rely on interactions in their own organizational settings rather than reaching out for meaningful discussions across elementary, secondary, postsecondary and community-based institutions.

To see the current Board members, select this button:

KATH Board 2017-2018


For past Board members, see the list below.

Currently, in accordance with its constitution (revised 2012), the KATH Board consists of the following Executive Committee and appointed officers.

Executive Committee
(elected annually)

  • President
  • President-elect
  • Past-President
  • Community Colleges Representative
  • Private/Independent Colleges and Universities Representative
  • Public Comprehensive Universities Representative
  • Research Universities Representative
  • Public historian
  • Librarian/archivist
  • K-12 Representatives (2)
  • At large Representative

Other KATH Board Members
(appointed by the President)

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster
  • Newsletter Editor

Past KATH Boards

The Board previous to that in 2012-13 was for the 2010-11 term.  Because the 2010 KATH Annual Meeting did not elect a full slate of the 2011-12 Board, there were no official leadership slots filled as in accordance with the KATH Constitution.  The 2010 President served his one year term and the 2011 President-Elect resigned (with no new slate of officers and no Board leadership in place), and there was no Annual Meeting in 2011.

A short description of the First Annual State Conference can be found at this page featuring the April 1976 meeting organized by Dr. Raymond Betts, along with a list of all the KATH Board chairs from 1977-2011.

You can download the names and affiliations of the KATH Board members since 1997-98 up through 2010 in a .pdf file here.


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