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Judges Needed

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The Thomas D. Clark Undergraduate Writing Award 2018 Committee Chair, Dr. Ashley Sorrell (, seeks volunteers to serve as judges for the undergraduate history research paper submissions.

This is a great way to support KATH, and we always get really terrific papers sponsored by great faculty across the state. See more details about this in her post on H-Kentucky here.


2018 Meeting

This summary of Board meeting conversations last week was sent in from Howard Muncy, 2017-18 KATH President:

The conference date was settled as Saturday, September 15th, 2018.  The location will be Louisville, Kentucky.  We will have our annual committee dinner the night before. I will communicate with my contacts at the University of Louisville in securing the auditorium.  We can check prices on hotel rates in the near future.

The theme that seems to be attracting the most attention is “Anniversaries in History.”  We can add a subtitle later if we want. The committee has expressed that we want a mix of American and World content.  Given that 1868, 1918, and 1968 were such important years, this theme will give us flexibility in offering a variety of topics.

I am going to work on securing some speakers for the conference.  I am going to have those scholars check their calendars and requirements for speaking on September 15th.  I will bring that information before the committee when I have collected responses before making any final decision.

For the writing awards, Dr. Ashley Sorrell (UK) has offered to chair the Thomas D. Clark Award Committee (undergrad, U.S. topic), James Caudill (St. Mary of the Woods School) has offered to chair the Anita Sanford Tolson Award Committee (high school), and Dr. Jodie Noelle Mader (Thomas More College) will chair the Raymond F. Betts Award Committee (undergrad, non-U.S. world topic).  This leaves one award committee chair open – the George Herring Graduate Writing Award – if anyone would like to help on this matter.  I really like this portion of KATH and hope we can get a lot of submissions and, as an organization, be able to honor these efforts.

For the committee, going forward, I see our biggest task in promoting the conference and in letting potential attendees know the date.  I am going to work on an early promotional flyer in the coming week.  I have someone who can design that for us no cost.  When details of talks/speakers are more settled, we can get more specific on the flyer.

Thank you for helping KATH,

Howard Muncy
KATH President 2017-18


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The chairs of the 2017 KATH Writing Awards are pleased to announce the winners of the KATH student writing awards for this year. The students and their sponsoring faculty will be congratulated in person at the 2017 Annual Meeting this weekend in Paducah.

Raymond F. Betts Award
Winner: Brittani Logsdon
“The Portrayal of Women in U.S. Feminine Hygiene Advertisements from World War II through the 1950s”
Sponsor: Dr. Marjorie Hilton of Murray State University

Thomas D. Clark Award
Winner: Jonathan Dean
HE HOU HAWAI’I: Polynesian Transformation in the Face of the West”
Sponsor: Dr. Kristina Anne Durocher of Morehead State University

George C. Herring Award
Winner: Hannah O’Daniel
“’It is Doubted Whether He is Entitled to the Protection of the Law’: Free Blacks in Early National Mercer County, Kentucky”
Sponsor: Dr. Glenn Crothers of the University of Louisville

You can read more information about these awards and download the student papers on the KATH website.


Award-winning Papers

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The Kentucky Association of Teachers of History (KATH) calls for faculty sponsors to submit their exemplary student papers from last academic year (2016-17) for the KATH Student Writing Awards.

KATH sponsors writing awards for students each year – two of which are specifically for undergraduates and one for graduate students attending Kentucky postsecondary institutions. KATH is currently seeking papers written by postsecondary students during the 2016-17 academic year and sponsored by their faculty. The entries will be reviewed by a panel of historians invited by the KATH Board to serve as judges. The winners will be honored with a cash prize and certificate at the annual KATH meeting on October 28th at West Kentucky Community & Technical College.

Please consider sponsoring your students’ work in history research.

  • Thomas D. Clark Undergraduate Student Writing Award for the student who has written an outstanding undergraduate research paper in U.S. history while attending a Kentucky college or university (must not exceed 25 pages).
  • Raymond F. Betts Undergraduate Student Writing Award for the outstanding undergraduate research paper on a world history topic (from any time period) – the paper can consider American issues and material if the bulk of the paper has a world focus (minimum of 2500 words).
  • George C. Herring Graduate Student Writing Award for the best graduate research paper on any topic (should be journal article length).

For specific details on the requirements for each award, please refer to the KATH webpage:

Please send students’ entries for the Clark award to Dr. Pattie Dillon (, the Betts award to Crystal Culp (, and the Herring award to Amanda Higgins ( before midnight, September 15th.


KATH Writing Awards

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Many thanks to those on the 2016-17 KATH Board who volunteered to serve as committee chairs for the 2017 KATH Student Writing Awards.

Heidi Taylor-Caudill will chair the Tolson Award committee. This writing award competition is for high school students and is named after a charter member of KATH and retired social studies teacher, Mrs. Anita Sanford Tolson.

Dr. Pattie Dillon and Crystal Culp will be chairing the two undergraduate student award competitions, the Clark Award committee and the Betts Award committee, respectively. Dr. Clark was an Americanist who was the first State Historian in Kentucky. See the AHA’s In Memorium article on Dr. Clark here. Dr. Betts was a French colonialist historian who first created KATH and was dedicated to the education of Kentuckians on the importance of history. See a blog post by Alan Cornett, on the impact Dr. Betts had on his students and everyone around him.

Amanda Higgins will chair the Herring Award committee who will be looking at submissions from this year’s graduate students. Dr. Herring is a great mentor and scholar whose work in foreign policy continues to serve as the bedrock for our understanding of the U.S. and the world around us. See the several videos of his presentations for C-SPAN here and you will get a sense of why his colleagues and students so respect him.

You can see past award winning papers on the KATH website in relationship with each year’s meeting – or you can see the links to the papers listed together on the bottom of the page here.

We look forward to seeing our new crop of winning papers for this coming fall.


KY student wins!

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Congratulations to one of our KATH Tolson Award winners, Amir Abou-Jaoude of Henry Clay High School, Fayette County Public Schools, in Lexington. Sponsored by his teacher,
Jonathan McClintock, his paper on Richard Wagner won the Anita Sanford Tolson Award in 2015.

Read more about his winning this year’s National History Day award this year at Time online: Amir, you make us proud!


Clark Writing Award

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This just in from Dr. Melissa A. McEuen, Chair of the Clark Writing Award Selection Committee:

I’ve put together the Clark Award announcement and attached it here (download .pdf file: KATH_2016ClarkAwardAnnouncement).  Would you please post or circulate it to the appropriate audiences?

Thank you!

Melissa A. McEuen
Professor of History and Bingham Professor
Transylvania University
300 N. Broadway
Lexington, KY 40508

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