KATH Board meeting

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Dr. Pattie Dillon, KATH President 2013-14, has called the KATH Board to meet on Friday. You will find the agenda below. Add your ideas, suggestions in the comments area below.

KATH Board Meeting Agenda

Friday, December 6, 2:30-3:30

  1. Identify conference location
  2. Suggestions for conference themes
  3. Suggestions for keynote speaker
  4. Discuss number of sessions to offer
  5. Publicity for conference and presenters
  6. Information for grant
  7. Other financial information
    1. charge for conference
    2. breakfast/lunch
  8. other items
    1. publishers
  9. Dates for future meetings


Dr. Pattie Dillon, KATH President 2013-14
Spalding University
Chair, School of Liberal Studies
Associate Professor of History
845 S. 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40203


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