KATH Writing Awards 2014

The Kentucky Association of Teachers of History sponsors four writing awards each year. Entries are considered by a panel of historians invited by the KATH Board to serve as judges. The winners, who will have written the papers during the 2013-14 academic year, will be honored with a cash prize and certificate at the annual KATH meeting in October 2014. Please consider sponsoring your students’ work for these awards:

  • Anita Sanford Tolson High School Writing Award

    for a high school student who has written an outstanding paper on a history-related topic but the topic should have been determined by the writer (length of 1,500 to 2,500 words plus at least eight references including primary sources)

  • Thomas D. Clark Undergraduate Student Writing Award

    for the student who has written an outstanding undergraduate research paper in history while attending a Kentucky college or university (must not exceed 25 pages) – download flyer here

  • Raymond F. Betts Undergraduate Student Writing Award

    for the outstanding undergraduate research paper on a world history topic (from any time period) – the paper can consider American issues and material if the bulk of the paper has a world focus (minimum of 2500 words) – download flyer here

  • George C. Herring Graduate Student Writing Award

    for the graduate student who has written an outstanding research paper in history on any topic (article length) – download flyer here

Please encourage faculty to send their students’ entries via attachment to an email by Friday, September 12th to the following KATH Writing Awards committee chairs:

For specific details on the requirements for each award, please refer to the KATH webpage: https://kath-online.org/writing-awards.


Posted September 3, 2014 by Randolph Hollingsworth

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