Immigrants in Coal Fields

Pine Mountain view

“Pine Mountain view”, Ann Wallace Shropshire Photographic Collection, 79PA110, Special Collections, University of Kentucky

One of the sessions at the upcoming KATH Annual Meeting, October 18th, is “Immigrants in the Coal Fields,” a Digital Humanities Project by Heidi Taylor-Caudill and Whitney Hays. The session will be led by Stacie Williams who is the Learning Lab Manager at UK’s Special Collections Research Center. She is accompanied by Heidi Taylor-Caudill, currently a graduate student teaching for the UK College of Communication & Information, who was the UK Collections Intern working on the project.

Heidi Taylor-Caudill

Heidi Taylor-Caudill

Stacie Williams

Stacie Williams

This presentation explores how the convergence of journalism-based content management systems (CMS) and archival resources combine to create a unique and interactive tool for discovering history. Taylor-Caudill, one of the UK graduate students who worked on the project, will share best practices, including perspectives on how they used it for teaching and how they instructed students on using the CMS. Williams, one of the managers of the project, will discuss challenges and suggestions for using the interactive platform and  applications for creating curriculum for various grades through the undergraduate level.

Sign up for the KATH Annual Meeting today! Use our online registration form or contact Dr. Alana Cain Scott at Morehead State University directly. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Posted September 15, 2014 by Randolph Hollingsworth

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