Teaching for Civic Purposes

Another one of the sessions at the upcoming KATH Annual Meeting, October 18th, is “’They are rising—all are rising’: Teaching Civil Rights for Civic Purposes” led by Dr. Linda Levstik, University of Kentucky College of Education. Dr. Levstik describes her session as follows:

Linda Levstik

Dr. Linda Levstik

In 1999, a history teacher in Massachusetts, Scott Culclasure, wrote that because history is our creation, we are responsible to each other for choosing to tell some stories and to leave others untold. In this session we will consider the civic consequences of shifting our historical gaze from pivotal individuals in the Civil Rights Movement to the collective power of ordinary people taking civic action in extraordinary times.

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Use our online registration form or contact Dr. Alana Cain Scott, KATH Treasurer, at  a.scott@moreheadstate.edu.

Looking forward to seeing you in Louisville at the conference.


Posted September 16, 2014 by Randolph Hollingsworth

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