Call for NHD judges

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Judge for National History Day in KentuckyThe Kentucky Junior Historical Society and the Kentucky Historical Society Needs You to be a Judge at the National History Day in Kentucky state contest.
April 25 at the University of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) offers an annual program with students around the state called National History Day in Kentucky. It’s basically a history “convention” for 4th-12th grade students. It revolves around an overall theme (this year is “Leadership and Legacy”) but can  range in a variety of topics.An unprecedented number of students have participated in regional National History Day contests this year.

There are five categories to be judged – papers, exhibit boards, websites, documentaries, and performances. As a judge, your responsibilities are to review projects, talk to enthusiastic students, and rank the projects based on established criteria. Judging volunteers can indicate their preferred category. Specific category instructions can be found on the KHS website under the heading, “Volunteer to be a NHD Judge.”

The day for judges begins at 8:00 with orientation (breakfast is provided), judging begins at 9:00 and lasts until 12 or so, with lunch (also provided) following so judges can finish up their scoring. Judges should be finished around 1 pm.

More information about the NHD topic can be downloaded (.pdf file) here. The Judges Evaluation Guidelines can be downloaded (.docx file) here.

This year, the state’s National History Day competition is held at the University of Kentucky in the White Hall Classroom Building and Barker Hall on Saturday 25 April.

Here’s the online registration link ( for volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact Ashlee Chilton, Museum Educator at KHS, through her work email at


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