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Dear Kentucky History Educator,

As a teacher of history at the University of Kentucky, and as a representative of the membership committee of the Southern Historical Association (SHA), I write to invite you to become a member of the SHA if you have not already done so. Founded in 1934, the SHA ranks among the most important organizations in the country today promoting inquiry into vital aspects of American history, including sectionalism, war, race, slavery, civil rights, religion, and politics.

The SHA welcomes as members anyone involved in educating students, or the general public, on various aspects of the South’s regional history. Each year the SHA holds an annual conference, featuring presentations and exhibits by college professors, museum curators, secondary school teachers, and graduate students, on the most recent and pressing questions surrounding the region’s history. Next November, the 2015 annual meeting will be in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Southern Historical AssociationAlso included with membership is a subscription to the Journal of Southern History, published four times per year. The journal is the premier venue for new scholarship on the region, as well as for reviews of nearly all new books on southern history published each year.

Please see the SHA website for more information – and for a membership application: As a 20-year member of the organization, as well as a member of the journal’s editorial board, I am also happy to answer any questions. I hope you will consider becoming a member.

Amy Murrell Taylor

Dr. Amy Murrell Taylor, University of Kentucky


Amy Murrell Taylor

Dr. Amy Murrell Taylor
Associate Professor of History
University of Kentucky
1715 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027

KATH-Online Editor’s Note: Our regulars may remember Dr. Taylor was the KATH Keynote speaker for 2013 – check out the KATH-online archives for more on that year’s meeting.


One Response to “Invitation to Join the SHA”

  1. I would love to join. Unfortunately, my financial situation is such that $50 is a lot of money. Thank you for the invite, but I just cannot afford it right now.

    Dr. Robin R. West
    Asst. Professor of History
    Madisonville Community College
    2000 College Drive
    Madisonville, KY 42431

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