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A message from Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Last everybody heard, Frederick Douglass had taken the original Seneca Falls Declaration to his print shop in Rochester to publish it in The North Star

Help us find the Declaration of Sentiments: Share a tip or an untold story.

@USCTO @WhiteHouseOSTP #FindTheSentiments

***** Editor’s Note *****

While this is a wonderful idea to find the original document, I wonder if, in the project Smith described in her post that they are working on for the display in the Rotunda, that we’re focusing too much on Seneca Falls as an origin of a political movement and not enough on the National Woman’s Rights Convention held October 23–24, 1850, in Worcester, Massachusetts? on Elizabeth Cady Stanton (who goes on to support white supremacy in voting rights) and not enough on Lucy Stone or Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis?


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