Executive Orders

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Given the topics and presentations at our last KATH Annual Meeting, I thought this notice might be of interest to you. On Friday, February 17th, a group of scholars led a Congressional Briefing on the history of presidential executive orders. Sponsored by the National History Center of the American Historical Association, the group included Julia Azari (Political Science, Marquette U), Matt Dallek (History, George Washington U), and Andrew Rudalevige (Political Science, Bowdoin).

– A video recording of the event can be found here on

– You can read Dane Kennedy’s recap of the event “The Paradoxes of Presidential Power: A Brief History of Executive Orders,” on the AHA Today blog.

– The briefing summary (one page handout) can be found here.


One Response to “Executive Orders”

  1. This administration has made a number of executive orders already. Prior to this administration, I’m not sure that I distinctly remember any specific executive orders being carried out. This blog post would be a great tool for anyone who would like to find out more about executive orders.

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