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National History Day in Kentucky, Kentucky Historical SocietyNational History Day in Kentucky is about to get underway and the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) is looking for judges for regional and state competitions. The following is from a flyer received from Cheryl Caskey at KHS.

2018 NHDKY Contest Dates
March 3, Highland Heights (NKU)

March 10, Morehead (MSU)

March 17, Louisville (UofL)

March 23, Cumberland (SKCTC)

March 24, Richmond (EKU)

March 30, Paducah (Murray campus)

April 21, Lexington (UK)

Why should you consider becoming an NHDKy judge?

  • You have an appreciation for history.
  • You want to learn more about different historical topics.
  • You enjoy seeing history presented creatively.
  • You want to encourage students to continue learning about history.
  • You want to help students to grwo as critical and creative thinkers.

What does an NHDKy judge do?

  • Give valuable feedback to students!
  • Provide a positive experience for students, teachers and parents.
  • Engage with other professionals, historians and teachers.
  • Meet students that are excited to share with you what they have learned.
  • Learn about a variety of topics through documentaries, websites, performances, exhibits or papers.

For information, contact Cheryl Caskey ( 502-564-1792 x4461.

To register, go to


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