2018 Meeting

This summary of Board meeting conversations last week was sent in from Howard Muncy, 2017-18 KATH President:

The conference date was settled as Saturday, September 15th, 2018.  The location will be Louisville, Kentucky.  We will have our annual committee dinner the night before. I will communicate with my contacts at the University of Louisville in securing the auditorium.  We can check prices on hotel rates in the near future.

The theme that seems to be attracting the most attention is “Anniversaries in History.”  We can add a subtitle later if we want. The committee has expressed that we want a mix of American and World content.  Given that 1868, 1918, and 1968 were such important years, this theme will give us flexibility in offering a variety of topics.

I am going to work on securing some speakers for the conference.  I am going to have those scholars check their calendars and requirements for speaking on September 15th.  I will bring that information before the committee when I have collected responses before making any final decision.

For the writing awards, Dr. Ashley Sorrell (UK) has offered to chair the Thomas D. Clark Award Committee (undergrad, U.S. topic), James Caudill (St. Mary of the Woods School) has offered to chair the Anita Sanford Tolson Award Committee (high school), and Dr. Jodie Noelle Mader (Thomas More College) will chair the Raymond F. Betts Award Committee (undergrad, non-U.S. world topic).  This leaves one award committee chair open – the George Herring Graduate Writing Award – if anyone would like to help on this matter.  I really like this portion of KATH and hope we can get a lot of submissions and, as an organization, be able to honor these efforts.

For the committee, going forward, I see our biggest task in promoting the conference and in letting potential attendees know the date.  I am going to work on an early promotional flyer in the coming week.  I have someone who can design that for us no cost.  When details of talks/speakers are more settled, we can get more specific on the flyer.

Thank you for helping KATH,

Howard Muncy
KATH President 2017-18



Posted March 16, 2018 by Randolph Hollingsworth

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