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Board Meeting, June 16

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SUMMARY – KATH Board Meeting, Saturday, June 16, 2013, Louisville, KY
Present:  President Allison Hunt, Cheryl Caskey, Randolph Hollingsworth, Lorie Maltby, Sara Price, Alana Cain Scott
Absent: Angela Ash, Crystal Culp, Wendy Davis, Pattie Dillon, Jake Gibbs, Chris Snow

The meeting covered KATH Board nominations, upcoming fall conference & meeting, breakout sessions, paper awards, invitation to local regional publishing companies, and consideration of KATH swag (i.e., tote bags, water bottles, etc.).

  • Nominations Committee (Lorie Maltby and Chris Snow) – Maltby will recruit individuals to fill in the currently vacant executive board (i.e., public/comprehensive and research university representatives) and to seek volunteers for upcoming vacant positions (i.e., President-elect and Librarian/archivist).  Sara Price notified the group of her change in jobs from librarian/archivist to university transfer advisor.  Recommendations of possible board members were offered.  Alana Cain Scott will provide Lorie with the KATH membership list.  Lorie will contact current inactive Board members and possible new members as well as post a call for nominations on the KATH website.
  • Logistics Committee (Jake Gibbs, Cheryl Caskey, Pattie Dillon) – Gibbs was not present at the meeting however he has been in contact with BCTC leadership to reserve space at the Leestown Campus for Saturday, Sept 28; the committee needs also to work with the nearby hotels to block off and reserve rooms at a discount for KATH meeting attendees; the committee also needs to solicit institutions to support the traditional breakfast eateries; and, the lunch to be catered (Gibbs has reached out to Bourbon n’ Toulouse whose owner was once a BCTC student).
  • Papers & Awards Committee (Randolph Hollingsworth, Crystal Culp) – calls for papers (Hollingsworth for Clark and Betts; Culp for Tolson) have resulted in submissions in all categories – papers are currently being evaluated; Dr. Melanie Goan is organizing the Herring award judges
  • Funding and Finance Committee (Alana Scott, Wendy Davis) – The Board agreed to keep the conference registration fee (including lunch and price of membership) at $50.00 for regular members. Alana mentioned her efforts to contact US Bank and create an online account so members can pay dues and conference fees via the KATH website. Randolph queried whether a PayPal account was possible. (Randolph has since worked with Alana to create a PayPay account on the KATH website.) Allison is also looking into the possibility of awarding professional development credit for high school teachers who attend the conference.  Allison and Alana will work on a KHC application (being accepted as of July 1). Maltby will research purchasing items with the KATH logo to distribute to speakers and paper award winners and to sell to KATH members.  Items mentioned included tote bags, water bottles, etc.
  • Conference Program & Speakers Committee (Allison Hunt, Sara Price, Angela Ash) – Price will contact the Lexington Public Library Central Branch about allowing an early evening reception at their gallery; the local historic homes might have artifact displays for the library.  The library is located downtown Lexington within plenty of parking and within walking distance to several restaurants including Alfalfa’s where the Board will take the breakout session facilitators, the keynoter and her guest to dinner.  The agenda for the Fall 2013 Annual Meeting so far:

Date:  Friday, Sept. 27 & Saturday, Sept. 28
Saturday Meeting:   Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Leestown Campus, Lexington
Friday Evening Reception:  Lexington Public Library (?)
Tentative Title:  “DIS-placement:  Impact of War on Society”

Conference Schedule:

Registration & Breakfast:  9 – 10 a.m.
  • Registration:  Scott
  • Breakfast:  Gibbs, Caskey, Dillon
  • Tables with Book Publishers: Hunt, Maltby
Welcome & Keynote:  10 – 11 a.m.
Breakout Sessions #1:  11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
  • More Q&A with Keynoter: Hunt
  • U.S. history roundtable discussion for pre-college educators: Hunt
  • Battle of Perryville and effects on community – with Stuart Sanders (author): Caskey
  • Veterans from today’s wars returning to civilian life – with Tony Dodson and Tyler Gayheart (UK): Price
  • Effects of War on Art in Egypt – with Monica Blackmun Visona (UK): Price
  • Use of GIS to study battlefields – with Scott Dobler (WKU): Hunt
Lunch & Business Meeting:   12:30-2:00 p.m.
  • Catered lunch: Gibbs
  • Performance and/or Presentation (perhaps Dr. Herman Farrell?): Price
  • Business Meeting: Hunt
    • Nominations Committee: Maltby (slate for new KATH Executive Board officers for 2013-14)
    • Paper Award Presentations: Culp, Hollingsworth and Goan
    • New Business (if any): Dillon
Breakout Sessions #2:  2:00-3:00 p.m.
    (Repeat of the above)

Plenary Session Wrap-up: 3:00-3:30 p.m.
    (Something fun to gather everyone back together before they leave – suggestions welcome)

For more detailed minutes, please contact Lorie Maltby, KATH Secretary,

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