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Jobs for Historians

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The American Historical Association has given us the bad news about early career historians and the 2016-17 academic job market. Check out the blog post by Dylan Ruediger in AHA Today:


graph showing decline in AHA Job Ads vs. number of new PhDs in History

from AHA Today, Nov. 16, 2017,

The AHA will give a fuller contextualization of those numbers, as well as compare their data with that from the H-Net Job Guide, in their newsletter Perspectives on History after the start of the new year. What we do need to keep in mind is that history PhDs need to be thinking more broadly than what their own advisors are doing in their careers – and find a way to describe their skills in a way that would be useful for many different kinds of employers, not just in academia.



KATH writing awards 2013

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The Kentucky Association of Teachers of History sponsors four writing awards each year. Entries are considered by a panel of historians invited by the KATH Board to serve as judges. The winners, who will have written the papers during the 2012-13 academic year, will be honored with a cash prize and certificate at the annual KATH meeting in late September 2013. Please consider sponsoring your students’ work for these awards:

  • Anita Sanford Tolson High School Writing Award

    for a high school student who has written an outstanding paper on a history-related topic but the topic should have been determined by the writer (length of 1,500 to 2,500 words plus at least eight references including primary sources)

  • Thomas D. Clark Undergraduate Student Writing Award

    for the student who has written an outstanding undergraduate research paper in history while attending a Kentucky college or university (must not exceed 25 pages)

  • Raymond F. Betts Undergraduate Student Writing Award

    for the outstanding undergraduate research paper on a world history topic (from any time period) – the paper can consider American issues and material if the bulk of the paper has a world focus (minimum of 2500 words)

  • George C. Herring Graduate Student Writing Award

    for the graduate student who has written an outstanding research paper in history on any topic (article length)

For specific details on the requirements for each award, please refer to the KATH webpage:

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