KATH Board Meeting, Feb 17

In Business Meeting, KATH Conference on February 19, 2013 by Randolph Hollingsworth

The KATH Board for 2012-13 met on Saturday, February 17th to discuss the upcoming fall meeting and topics.  The highly talented KATH President Allison Hunt of duPont Manual High School led the meeting via webconference and phone conference at the same time.  Based on survey results, the civil war in Kentucky was a frequent suggestion. Topics related to civil war were discussed including women and war, refugees, etc.  (See past conference topics here for reference.)  It was then suggested that perhaps the theme could be broader such as examining the impact of war in Kentucky. This idea was well received.  Discussion ensued regarding subtopics such as the relevance of the topic to returning veterans, impact of wars on veterans both men and women, post-war refugees in Kentucky. Amy Murrell Taylor was suggested as a keynote speaker

In reference to the survey results, Allison mentioned the need for multiple concurrent break-out sessions.  Suggestions for break-out sessions included:  tying in with Kentucky Historical Society doing something with using primary sources for 6-12 teachers, drawing on the Louie B. Nunn Center oral history project with student veterans (with Doug Boyd and Hermann Farrell), inviting college students who are veterans to participate in the conference.  Allison mentioned her association with the Kentucky Geographic Alliance and the possibility of partnering in some fashion with them.

Various locations were considered – and the possibility of partnerships with museums was raised.  For example, the Kentucky Military Museum will be reopened by the fall and Frankfort has various military memorials which could be explored and discussed by meeting attendees – perhaps explore via digital technologies.

Allison also mentioned that she will be attending a P20 meeting in Frankfort on Thursday, Feb. 21 to discuss the national and Kentucky core standards.  Allison will keep the Board informed as to the meeting especially as it relates to social studies standards. 

Next meeting will be on Saturday, March 30th, in Louisville. Details forthcoming.


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  1. Amy Murrell Taylor is available to serve as keynoter and has agreed to save the last two weekends in September for us!

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