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The 2016-17 Executive Board Nomination Slate has been compiled by Brent Taylor and approved by Megan Mummey, 2015-16 President of KATH.

Nominations for empty seats are still being considered. Please support KATH by joining the Board – the main task is to help organize the annual meeting. This only takes a an hour or so per month for telephone conference calls. We need you!

Nomination Slate (so far) for 2016-17 Executive Board of KATH:

  • President
    Brent E. Taylor, West Kentucky CTC
  • President-Elect
    Howard Muncy, Jackson County High School
  • Past President
    Megan Mummey, University of Kentucky*
  • Community Colleges Representative
    Robin West, Madisonville Community College*
  • Private/Indep. Colleges & Univ. Representative
    Pattie Dillon, Spalding University
  • Public Comprehensive Universities Representative
    Eric R. Jackson, Northern Kentucky University*
  • Research Universities Representative
    Nominations accepted from the floor
  • Public Historians Representative
    Nominations accepted from the floor
  • Librarian/Archivist Representative
    Heidi Taylor-Caudill, Archives of the Catholic Church Diocese of Owensboro
  • K-12 Representatives (two)
    Jarrett Nantz, Paducah Tilghman High School*
    Crystal Culp,  McCracken Co. Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • At-Large Representative
    Douglas L. Fulkerson, Elizabethtown CTC*

Note: Names marked with * are those Executive Committee Members continuing into their second (and/or last) year of service as per the KATH constitution.


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