KATH Writing Awards

In KATH Awards, Spotlight on February 13, 2017 by Randolph Hollingsworth

Many thanks to those on the 2016-17 KATH Board who volunteered to serve as committee chairs for the 2017 KATH Student Writing Awards.

Heidi Taylor-Caudill will chair the Tolson Award committee. This writing award competition is for high school students and is named after a charter member of KATH and retired social studies teacher, Mrs. Anita Sanford Tolson.

Dr. Pattie Dillon and Crystal Culp will be chairing the two undergraduate student award competitions, the Clark Award committee and the Betts Award committee, respectively. Dr. Clark was an Americanist who was the first State Historian in Kentucky. See the AHA’s In Memorium article on Dr. Clark here. Dr. Betts was a French colonialist historian who first created KATH and was dedicated to the education of Kentuckians on the importance of history. See a blog post by Alan Cornett, on the impact Dr. Betts had on his students and everyone around him.

Amanda Higgins will chair the Herring Award committee who will be looking at submissions from this year’s graduate students. Dr. Herring is a great mentor and scholar whose work in foreign policy continues to serve as the bedrock for our understanding of the U.S. and the world around us. See the several videos of his presentations for C-SPAN here and you will get a sense of why his colleagues and students so respect him.

You can see past award winning papers on the KATH website in relationship with each year’s meeting – or you can see the links to the papers listed together on the bottom of the page here.

We look forward to seeing our new crop of winning papers for this coming fall.


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