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An announcement from Liz Maurer at the National Women’s History Museum about their new report from an analysis of K-12 curriculum standards for each state in the U.S. We might not be surprised by the overall finding that women are most often portrayed in the curriculum standards in a domestic role.

Pie Chart on topics discussing women

Analysis from the National Women’s History Museum’s survey of K-12 social studies curriculum standards across the U.S.

I am pleased to announce that National Women’s History Museum’s recently released its new report, Where are the Women? A Report on the Status of Women in the United States Social Studies CurriculumWhere are the Women? examines the status of women’s history in state-level social studies standards. It is the most up-to-date evaluation of women’s history integration in US public, K-12 education.

Download the report here.

The report discusses the ways that that women’s history is characterized in US K-12 social studies standards and, by extension, in textbooks and public school classrooms.  Interesting findings include:

  • Names of 178 individual women named in state standards
  • Most and least studied women’s history topics
  • Women’s history marginalization in standards

The report includes the women’s history standards for each state.  Readers can see for themselves how women’s unique history is presented state-by-state. Teachers and museum educators will have complete standards for each state to use in creating lessons and programs. Women’s history scholars will see the expected knowledge base for incoming freshmen. Education and curriculum researchers will have access to the data set for their own work.

Please reach out with any questions or comments.

All the best,

Liz Maurer


Elizabeth Maurer
Director of Program
National Women’s History Museum
205 S. Whiting St. Suite 254
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: 571-800-6556




KATH Board Meeting in Feb

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Minutes from the Meeting on Monday, February 10, 2014

Present: Pattie Dillon, Randolph Hollingsworth, Cheryl Caskey, Megan Mummey, Allison Hunt, Angela Ash, Sara Price, Lorie Maltby

1. Conference date and title: No decision was made regarding a finalized title for the conference, although the theme will be civil rights. Saturday, October 11, was identified as a tentative date for the conference to be held at Spalding University. Once a date is finalized, a suggestion was made to contact the Muhammad Ali Center as possible reception location.

2. Committee assignments:

  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee – Pattie and Cheryl
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee – Jake and Angela
  • Papers and Awards Committee – Allison and Randolph
  • Nominating Committee – Lorie and Megan
  • Funding and Finance Committee – Alana and Sara

3. Discussion of National Archives and University of Kentucky partnership:  Randolph provided an overview of the partnership and discussion followed regarding ways to highlight the partnership at the conference. Possible suggestions included: publicizing the partnership with the conference and/or providing a break-out session focused on the partnership.

4. Discussion of panel: Cheryl offered to ask Dr. Tracy K’Meyer to serve on the panel. A suggestion was made to ask Dr. K’Meyer if she would also invite Drs. Eric Jackson and Cate Fosl. Randolph suggested that once speakers are confirmed, they can meet to decide what they will discuss for the panel and come up with a title.

5. Discussion of sessions: A suggestion was made to dedicate a break-out session on best practices for online history instruction. A possible panel could include Dr. Linda Levstik (curriculum design) and Sarah Milligan (KY Oral History Commission). Information for Dr. Levstik may be found at Information for the new civil rights oral history website Sarah is working on may be found at

6. Discussion of luncheon speakers:  A suggestion was made to invite individuals who had been involved in the civil rights movement to speak at lunch. For example, Senator Georgia Powers, Mattie Jones or/ and Suzy Post; possibly Dr. Fosl or Dr. K’Meyer could invite the luncheon speakers.

7. Grant submission: Once a date and speakers for the conference are finalized, Pattie will submit a grant to the Kentucky Humanities Council. To ensure funding availability, the grant should be submitted by the end of February.

8. Next meeting: The next meeting will be face-to-face on Spalding’s campus in order to tour the facility.


Planning 2014 Annual Meeting

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On one of Kentucky’s most wintery days this year, Friday December 6th, the KATH Board met to plan the upcoming annual meeting. Those Board members present for the brief teleconference were: Pattie Dillon (KATH President), Cheryl Caskey (Public Historian rep), Randolph Hollingsworth (KATH web admin), and Andrea Watkins (Public/Comprehensive University rep). The following items were discussed:

  1. Location for conference
    Spalding University in Louisville will be the location for the 2014 KATH fall conference (if other locations are possible, please notify Pattie Dillon by December 16).
  2. Conference Theme
    Civil Rights was suggested as next year’s conference theme. Again, if you would like to suggest a different theme, please let Pattie know by December 16.
  3. Suggested Keynote speakers
    Instead of having one keynote speaker, we would ask for a panel presentation. After the panel presentation, each of the speakers would then have their own individual break-out session.
  4. Break-out sessions
    There will be 5 break-out sessions in the morning and again after lunch. Each of the key note speakers will have an individual break-out session. The two other additional break-out sessions will focus on pedagogy.
  5. Grant
    Once the details for the conference are finalized, Pattie will submit a grant application to the Kentucky Humanities Council.
  6. Next meeting
    Possible date for next phone conference, week of January 27-31. Pattie will again send out request for dates and times that will work the best for everyone’s schedule. At the next meeting, Pattie will request committee members to sign up for specific sub-committees. A face-to-face meeting in Louisville on site will occur in March or April.
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