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Call for H-KY editors

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H-Kentucky logoH-Kentucky seeks to build a team of volunteers to serve as editors and review editors.  Editors will be trained to use the H-Net Commons, our new content management platform, to moderate discussions, build digital projects for teaching and scholarship on the history, heritage, and culture in the Bluegrass State.   The Commons offers a professional looking environment for publishing accessible, sharable and re-usable digital content.  Users of the Commons need not have advanced technical knowledge, and the interface enables editors to create custom pages that dynamically update with user-generated material.

Projects could include an annotated archive of syllabi, teaching guides, and reading lists; a dynamic link database for one-stop access to primary sources; or, an annotated archive of images, audio clips or videos suitable for use in class. Other project suggestions are very welcome.

Review editors will solicit and edit reviews of published works that they select.  They will be trained to use H-Net’s online Reviews Management System.  For information about this service, visit

We would like to find at least three new review editors and six new editors.  The larger the team, the easier it is to accommodate the demands of individual schedules and professional obligations. Dr. Rick Smoot (History, Bluegrass Comm & Tech College) has generously offered to help orient new review editors in the transition to our new platform.

Qualifications: a graduate degree or equivalent in professional experience in the history or culture of Kentucky, broadly defined.  Publications (print or digital) and teaching experience are a plus. General facility with email, browsers, and social media is helpful. H-Net editors serve for two-year renewable terms and must be certified by the H-Net Council.

The H-Net Commons is a project-based, collaborative platform for publishing discussions, multimedia materials, and blogs through its many field-based networks in the social sciences and humanities.  Its materials are freely available under the Creative Commons 3.0 License. Learn more at

H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt international organization based in the History Department at Michigan State University.  For more information about its mission and structure,

The goal of H-Kentucky is to create an online collaborative environment to facilitate communication and the exchange or scholarly and pedagogical ideas among teachers, researchers, scholars, advanced students, and related professionals (e.g. local historians, librarians, archivists, genealogists), all in an open, democratic, respectful and non-partisan manner. H-Kentucky especially welcomes those who are interested in Kentucky, as well as those in any history/humanities field who live and/or work in Kentucky. It is also a partner with KATH, the Kentucky Association of Teachers of History.

For information on how to apply, please contact Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth, H-Kentucky network editor, at

Randolph Hollingsworth, Ph.D.
H-Kentucky network editor
Adjunct History Professor and affiliate faculty in Gender & Women Studies
University of Kentucky
551 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY  40506-0027

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