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KWSP at LexHistory

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On Friday July 21st as part of the Gallery Hop the Lexington History Museum will host an exhibit from the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project. Focusing just on the activities and events in the Lexington/Fayette County area, and up only from 5-8 pm that evening, this exhibit will feature many items from Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, especially on Madeline McDowell Breckinridge; Laura Clay and her older sisters; Mary E. Britton; and, Lucy Wilmot Smith.

This pop-up exhibit is held in the Offices of the Lexington History Museum, Suite 312 of The Square (corner of Main & Broadway), 401 W. Main Street, Lexington. There is a parking garage across Broadway and up one street to Short Street, turn right at Short and entrance is mid-block. If you come from the garage or the Broadway entrance, take floor 3A in the elevator (atrium side), or floor 3 from the Main Street elevator.

Here’s the Facebook event page for more information:

photo of suffragists marching on both sides of the street

“Suffrage Parade on Main Street, Miss Dorothy Fitzgerald Bugler, and her little sister driving her golden chariot,” Lexington Herald, May 7, 1916, page 1. Photo from newspaper archived at the University of Kentucky, courtesy of UK Special Collections and Research Center.


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Click to hear PSA

Foster Ockerman, Jr., the President and Chief Historian for the Lexington History Museum, worked with Chuck Clenney at the Lexington Community Radio station to produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Foster’s wonderful voice is recreating a small piece of the speech given by suffragist orator Walter J. Millard in Cheapside plaza in Lexington on May 6, 1916, after a large suffrage parade that morning through the downtown area. You can read more about this historic event on H-Kentucky.



Goan featured on KWSP

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Melanie Goan photo from UK History Department webpage

Dr. Melanie Beal Goan, UK

Dr. Melanie Goan, former KATH President and currently Assistant Professor in the History Department at the University of Kentucky, was featured recently in the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project (KWSP) portal on the H-Kentucky network.

Dr. Goan was interviewed by the new KWSP Fellow, Dr. Joanna Lile, about her work on a manuscript on the history of Kentucky women and their role in the fight for woman suffrage  locally, nationally and internationally.

See Dr. Lile’s post “A Conversation with Melanie Goan” on the KWSP blog. You can follow future blog posts with an RSS feed from the H-Kentucky network – or subscribe to the network today and receive updates via email.


H-KY editors needed

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Celebrating Kentucky’s history and heritage is never more important than today. You can make a difference by joining the staff of H-Kentucky as a contributor and adding your unique perspective to the conversation. H-Kentucky has nearly 400 subscribers and reaches all levels of academia as well as heritage foundations and cultural organizations. Contributions of all types — recurring or on a one-time basis — are welcome.

H-Kentucky is hosted within the H-Net Commons which is ideally suited to publish multimedia projects such as podcasts, peer-reviewed photo or essay series, and image/document collections. We are also looking for H-Kentucky Review Editors to assign reviews of publications with a focus on Kentucky. With a sizable membership and the backing of the H-Net organization, H-Kentucky can crowdsource contributions beyond the limitations of the old listserv.

If you are interested in joining H-Kentucky’s volunteer team of editors, please email us at with a CV and cover letter attached. Please also indicate in your email if there is a specific project or topic you would like to focus on. Graduate students and recent PhDs are welcome to apply – this is a perfect way to provide valuable service to your field and a unique line to your CV.

In your cover letter, please state your reasons for wanting to become an H-Kentucky editor. Your cover letter must also incorporate an acknowledgement of your willingness to assume a two-year commitment and agreement to abide by H-Net’s constitution, bylaws and policies. For more information about the overall process about becoming an editor, visit the H-Net Editors page at

If you have any questions, please email Randolph Hollingsworth at


Call for H-Kentucky Editors

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H-Kentucky logoIn 2006, the Kentucky Association of Teachers of History, the Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education’s Kentucky Virtual Library came together in 2006 to organize a new Humanities and Social Sciences Network (H-Net) network: H-Kentucky.  The H-Kentucky network focuses on “History, Heritage, and Culture in the Bluegrass State.” Today, H-Kentucky subscribers number over 350. Take a look:

H-Kentucky seeks to build a team of volunteers to serve as network editors and bloggers.  Editors will be trained to use the H-Net Commons, our content management platform since 2013, to moderate discussions or build digital projects for teaching and scholarship on the history, heritage, and culture in the Bluegrass State. The Commons offers a professional looking environment for publishing accessible, sharable and re-usable digital content.  Users of the Commons need not have advanced technical knowledge, and the interface enables editors to create custom pages that dynamically update with user-generated material.

Projects could include

  • an annotated archive of syllabi, teaching guides, and reading lists (see for example H-Urban’s Teaching Center);
  • an archives review and annotation project (see for example, the H-Sport archive project);
  • a journal monitoring or publications update program (see for example, the H-Nationalism monthly publications update); or,
  • a Kentucky-related Hub – aggregating all H-Net Commons content based on subjects frequently tagged by editors and subscribers who are contributing discussions or other kinds of content (see for example, the Digital Humanities hub and the Gender hub). The hub would not offer new content, but rather provide a way for people to connect across networks, with all the links leading back to the original creators of content in their own H-Net networks.

Other project suggestions are very welcome. To volunteer, please email a CV and brief letter of interest to H-Net Vice President for Networks, Patrick Cox. He and the H-Net staff will work with you and H-Kentucky network editor, Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth, to get you going on H-Kentucky and publishing original and creative work right away.

Qualifications: a graduate degree or equivalent in professional experience in the history or culture of Kentucky, broadly defined.  Publications (print or digital) and teaching experience are a plus. General facility with email, browsers, and social media is helpful. H-Net editors serve for two-year renewable terms and must be certified by the H-Net Council.

Dr. Andrea Watkins, a history professor at Northern Kentucky University, serves as the H-Kentucky Book Review Editor and she’s always looking for volunteers for book reviewers. Contact her via her H-Net profile page to find out more.

The founding Advisory Board for H-Kentucky established in 2006 that the goal of H-Kentucky is to create an online collaborative environment to facilitate communication and the exchange or scholarly and pedagogical ideas among teachers, researchers, scholars, advanced students, and related professionals (e.g. local historians, librarians, archivists, genealogists), all in an open, democratic, respectful and non-partisan manner. H-Kentucky especially welcomes those who are interested in Kentucky, as well as those in any history/humanities field who live and/or work in Kentucky. Today, the H-KY Advisory Board includes:

H-KY Advisory Board Member Organizational Affiliation
Angela Ash
President, Kentucky Association of Teachers of History
Owensboro Community and Technical College
Douglas Cantrell
former Board Member of KATH, founding member of H-KY
Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
Dr. Pattie Dillon
Past-President, Kentucky Association of Teachers of History
Spalding University
Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth
H-Kentucky Network Editor
University of Kentucky
Allison Hunt
Social Studies Educator
former President of KATH
DuPoint High School in Louisville
Lorie Maltby
former President of KATH, founding member of H-KY
Henderson Community College
Dr. Patrick Lewis
Director, “Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition” and Assistant Editor, Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
Dr. Andrea Watkins
H-Kentucky Book Review Editor
Northern Kentucky University
Enid Wohlstein
Kentucky Virtual Library

The H-Net Commons is a project-based, collaborative platform for publishing discussions, multimedia materials, and blogs through its many field-based networks in the social sciences and humanities.  Its materials are freely available under the Creative Commons 3.0 License. Learn more at H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt international organization based in the History Department at Michigan State University.  For more information about its mission and structure, visit “About H-Net” in the Commons Headquarters.

For information on how to apply, please contact Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth, H-Kentucky network editor, at

Randolph Hollingsworth, Ph.D.
H-Kentucky network editor
Adjunct History Professor and affiliate faculty in Gender & Women Studies
University of Kentucky
551 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY  40506-0027


KGA blog on H-KY

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Check out the blog for the Kentucky Geographic Alliance in the H-Kentucky network:

H-Net blog icon - a megaphoneClick here to see the Kentucky Geographic Alliance blog

They use their blog to send out Kentucky in the News – local news stories that are related to geography in ways that are useful in Kentucky social studies classrooms. They also use the H-Kentucky network for their annual Geography Awareness Week activities.

H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences OnlineWe encourage you to subscribe to H-Kentucky so you can comment and add to the conversation. To subscribe, first create an account at H-Net Commons (if you don’t have an account already – click here to register) and fill out your profile – then subscribe to the H-Kentucky network: You’ll get notifications of all the contributions to the network via email – and you will be able to contribute your own content as well.

The Kentucky Geographic Alliance is a grassroots organization of educators supporting geographic education. They provide support services for P-12 teachers in the Commonwealth to enhance the geographic awareness of students.

KGA logo


H-Kentucky has transitioned to the H-Net Commons

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H-KentuckyThe Kentucky Association of Teachers of History, the Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Virtual Library came together in 2006 to organize a new Humanities and Social Sciences Network (H-Net) network: H-Kentucky.  The H-Kentucky network focuses on “History, Heritage, and Culture in the Bluegrass State.” Just this week, the H-Kentucky listserv community has moved to the new Web2.0 platform in the H-Net Commons.  Take a look:

In the old listserver, members received via email information about history-related events taking place here in Kentucky, original reviews of books, articles, websites, museums and films that might be of interest to Kentucky faculty and teachers — as well as job announcements. Unlike in the old listserv community, the new H-Kentucky network has many more opportunities to use robust digital media technologies (audio clips, video, image galleries, document sharing) as well as sharing information across multiple networks seamlessly. Users may receive notices via email or via RSS feeds.

We are looking for subscribers who will help create new content.  Here is a list of the different kind of content producer roles for the new H-Kentucky:

  • Subscriber – create Discussion Posts and reply to existing discussion posts (note: as with the old H-Kentucky listserv, all posts require moderation by the editor before appearing on the network).
  • Blogger – these subscribers can also create Blog posts.  Blog posts DO NOT go through the moderation system, so bloggers will be vetted by the editors as an expert on their topic.
  • Contributor – upload files to a network (for moderation by an editor).  On H-Kentucky all subscribers are given this role, but we may want to solicit Lead Contributors to help get projects going.
  • Moderator – can help moderate and publish Discussion Posts submitted to the network – so they will be invited by the H-Kentucky network editors to serve as H-Kentucky Discussion Leaders.
  • Network Editor – can create all types of content, edit their Network, create blogs and dynamic content pages featuring the latest contributions, moderate content, and manage subscribers.
  • Review Editor – using the H-Net Review Management System, organizes a database of reviewers, chooses books to review and moderates book reviews submitted for publishing on H-Review.

Note: a person can have more than one role.

The goal of H-Kentucky has always been to create an online collaborative environment to facilitate communication and the exchange or scholarly and pedagogical ideas among teachers, researchers, scholars, advanced students, and related professionals (e.g. local historians, librarians, archivists, genealogists), all in an open, democratic, respectful and non-partisan manner. H-Kentucky especially welcomes those who are interested in Kentucky, as well as those in any history or humanities field who live and/or work in Kentucky.

Here are some examples of projects our new system could handle.

A Picture or A-V Gallery for H-Kentucky (our own Pinterest!): Creating an A-V Archive
There are two options for creating an image archive in the new H-Net Commons.

  • By Image Category:  We can assign a “category” to any kind of Contribution (image, video or audio clip, document) you would like to appear in the archive then create a dynamic page which will automatically incorporate all images with that category (current and new) in order of most recently added. Once we set up the archive, it will require little to no maintenance since it will be constantly updated whenever an image with that particular category is published.
  • Manually: We can create a new page and embed each selected Contribution into the webpage. We can embed as many items in the page as you like – and in whatever order you prefer.

A Digital Reference Guide for H-Kentucky Networkers: Creating a List of Links
Links are their own content type on the H-Net Commons. You can ask an editor to create a link that includes multiple sources of information about a particular resource that is important to H-Kentucky subscribers.  For example, a link could include both another set of links and a notation about how useful those resources are – a sort of annotated, digital bibliographical entry. If you assign a category to all the links you would like to appear on a single page, then the editor can create a dynamic page which will automatically incorporate all links categorized that way (from most current to oldest entry).  If you want to create a list that is in a particular order or incorporates links published from other networks, then we would need to create a page that embeds each of the links – and think about including sub-titles, images, etc. to take advantage of this kind of design choice.

A Digital Bibliography: Creating a Dynamic Page of Contributions
We can use H-Kentucky webpages to create a series of sources on one single page that pulls together items of a certain category.  For example, we might choose a new category which will be applied to all the sources which will appear in a digital bibliography. For example, categories like “Antebellum Kentucky Source” or “Louisville KY Source” could be applied to selected posts, blogs, contributions or other pages. The main page would then display all the sources in a digital bibliography.  We could even add the bibliography to our Network Menu on the top right of every page.  The only potential downside to this method is that sources will not appear alphabetically – they will appear in order of most recently to earliest published.

For questions about how all this works, please contact H-Kentucky at  Looking forward to seeing KATH members make this new network work!

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