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KY wins at National History Day

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NHD - National History DayThe Kentucky History Society organized the National History Day (NHD)competitions again this year, and approximately 3,000 students advanced to the state competition held at the University of Kentucky on Saturday April 25th. Fifty-seven  Kentucky students advanced in Kentucky to qualify for the national contest. Of those, five Kentucky students advanced to the final round of competition and placed among the top 15 places in their respective divisions at the NHD contest in College Park, Maryland, June 14-18th.

  • Amir Abou-Jaoude, Henry Clay High School (Lexington) with his Senior Essay, “Richard Wagner and the Legacy of the Leitmotif.” Abou-Jaoude won the “Salute to Courage” award for Kentucky from The National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Jonathan McClintock was his teacher. The prize carries a paid trip to the museum to coincide with the opening of a new exhibit. (See the KHS Twitter picture of Amir learning of his award – Amir is in the front row, middle, in a light blue shirt.)
  • Catherine Bache, Kentucky Country Day School (Louisville) with her Senior Individual Performance, “One Hundred Years and Counting: The Vision of Juliette Gordon Low.” Lisa Bache was her teacher.
  • Nicholas Imam, Winburn Middle School (Lexington) with his Junior Individual Documentary, “Dr. Michael DeBakey: Pumping Innovation for the Future.” Theresa Buczek was his teacher.
  • Kevin Jing and Rehan Ghanta, Winburn Middle School (Lexington) with their Junior Group Website, “Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Ideas that Shaped America.” Michelle Cason and Theresa Buczek were their teachers. (See their website here.) Jing and Ghanta were named best in state among junior division entries.
  • Joanna Slusarewicz, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (Lexington) with her Senior Individual Documentary, “Pulling the Teeth: How a Collision between Leaders Left a Lasting Legacy on the Federal Banking System.” Allison Roberts was her teacher. Slusarewicz was named best in state for senior division entries and received a full scholarship to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Congratulations to these students, their families and especially to their history teachers throughout their academic careers!

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NHD evaluation guidelines

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Have you seen the evaluation guidelines that the National History Day judges use? How do these guidelines relate to what you are doing in your classrooms? With your assignments’ guidelines? How do these evaluation guidelines for projects produced by students from 4th grade through 12th grade relate to guidelines used in assignments in postsecondary classes?

Historical Quality 60%
Research, analysis, and interpretation of the topic

 Thesis or Argument: The thesis is clear, and the entire entry is related to the thesis. The student didn’t add any information that is not related to the theme or thesis/argument.

Entry is historically accurate: The historical facts are accurate as demonstrated by sources and research.

Shows analysis and interpretation: The entry didn’t just state the facts and order of events. It explained how and why this information is related to the thesis.

Places topic in historical context: The entry describes the setting of the events. It discusses what was happening culturally at the time in society and how that is related to the topic.

Research is balanced: The entry examines the topic from more than one of the groups or people involved. It discussed sources that may disagree with the thesis, and responds to these arguments. The entry explains how the events affected more than one group, sometimes on opposing sides of the issue.

Uses available primary sources and shows wide research: The bibliography lists different kinds of primary and secondary sources. It demonstrates research beyond the most well known sources.

Theme and Significance 20%

Clearly relates topic to the theme: The entry clearly demonstrates a clear connection to the theme.

Demonstrates significance of topic in history and draws conclusions: The entry demonstrates why and how the topic had a lasting impact. This can include people, culture, education, politics, art, etc. related to the topic.

Clarity of Presentation and Production Quality 20%

Presentation and written material are original, clear, appropriate, and articulate: The presentation is interesting and original. The tone is appropriate to the topic.

Entry is organized; visual impact/presentation category is appropriate to the topic. The order of the information presented is organized and makes sense. The process paper and bibliography are clear, organized, and thorough. The references are listed using the correct format.

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