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Immigrants in Coal Fields

Pine Mountain view

“Pine Mountain view”, Ann Wallace Shropshire Photographic Collection, 79PA110, Special Collections, University of Kentucky

One of the sessions at the upcoming KATH Annual Meeting, October 18th, is “Immigrants in the Coal Fields,” a Digital Humanities Project by Heidi Taylor-Caudill and Whitney Hays. The session will be led by Stacie Williams who is the Learning Lab Manager at UK’s Special Collections Research Center. She is accompanied by Heidi Taylor-Caudill, currently a graduate student teaching for the UK College of Communication & Information, who was the UK Collections Intern working on the project.

Heidi Taylor-Caudill

Heidi Taylor-Caudill

Stacie Williams

Stacie Williams

This presentation explores how the convergence of journalism-based content management systems (CMS) and archival resources combine to create a unique and interactive tool for discovering history. Taylor-Caudill, one of the UK graduate students who worked on the project, will share best practices, including perspectives on how they used it for teaching and how they instructed students on using the CMS. Williams, one of the managers of the project, will discuss challenges and suggestions for using the interactive platform and  applications for creating curriculum for various grades through the undergraduate level.

Sign up for the KATH Annual Meeting today! Use our online registration form or contact Dr. Alana Cain Scott at Morehead State University directly. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Using Primary Sources in College Classroom

Jaime Burton

Jaime M. Burton

Are you ready for the KATH Annual Meeting on October 18th in Louisville? We’re excited about it – and want to let you know about one of our breakout sessions being offered by Jaime Burton, Education and Outreach Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries.

The title of her session is :”Taking the Gloves Off: Archives and Primary Sources in the Undergraduate Classroom.”

A brief synopsis follows:

Step into the exciting world of infinite opportunities for undergraduate learning through the eyes of the Education & Outreach program at the University of Kentucky’s Special Collections Research Center.  The presentation will consist of an overview of key program components, including methods for working with faculty, the materials selection process, developing an exercise worksheet, and assessing student learning.   Attendees will engage in a hands-on active learning exercise as part of the session.

Sign up for the KATH Annual Meeting today! Use our online registration form or contact Dr. Alana Cain Scott at Morehead State University directly. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Teaching U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Ryan Crowley

Dr. Ryan Crowley

KATH is proud to announce that Dr. Ryan Crowley, recently hired in to the University of Kentucky College of Education, will facilitate a breakout session at this year’s Annual Meeting. Dr. Crowley is Assistant Professor for Elementary Education Social Studies who invites us to think about how when we teach US History and Civics/ Government (through its emphasis on voting rights) we too often present the civil rights of minority groups as fixed and immutable rather than — as he puts it in his article in Race, Ethnicity, and Education — “contingent and vulnerable.”

Dr. Crowley’s session is titled, “Critical race theory and teaching the US Civil Rights Movement.” He sends us this description:

This session will introduce a few of the basic tenets of critical race theory and use theses principles to explore an alternative way of looking at iconic civil rights landmarks such as Brown v. Board of Education and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Attendees will explore primary source documents related to these events and discuss how this framework adds to our understanding of the US political landscape that accommodated the passage of civil rights reforms.

Sign up for the KATH Annual Meeting today! Use our online registration form or contact Dr. Alana Cain Scott at Morehead State University directly. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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KATH Writing Awards 2014

The Kentucky Association of Teachers of History sponsors four writing awards each year. Entries are considered by a panel of historians invited by the KATH Board to serve as judges. The winners, who will have written the papers during the 2013-14 academic year, will be honored with a cash prize and certificate at the annual KATH meeting in October 2014. Please consider sponsoring your students’ work for these awards:

  • Anita Sanford Tolson High School Writing Award

    for a high school student who has written an outstanding paper on a history-related topic but the topic should have been determined by the writer (length of 1,500 to 2,500 words plus at least eight references including primary sources)

  • Thomas D. Clark Undergraduate Student Writing Award

    for the student who has written an outstanding undergraduate research paper in history while attending a Kentucky college or university (must not exceed 25 pages) – download flyer here

  • Raymond F. Betts Undergraduate Student Writing Award

    for the outstanding undergraduate research paper on a world history topic (from any time period) – the paper can consider American issues and material if the bulk of the paper has a world focus (minimum of 2500 words) – download flyer here

  • George C. Herring Graduate Student Writing Award

    for the graduate student who has written an outstanding research paper in history on any topic (article length) – download flyer here

Please encourage faculty to send their students’ entries via attachment to an email by Friday, September 12th to the following KATH Writing Awards committee chairs:

For specific details on the requirements for each award, please refer to the KATH webpage:

Posted September 3, 2014 by Randolph Hollingsworth


KATH, NARA and UK Libraries

The KATH Board is excited about a new partnership with UK Libraries and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) featuring their collections of materials relating to Kentucky Governor Earle C. Clements. We plan to include a session devoted just to this topic at our annual meeting in October. According to Deirdre Scaggs, Co-Director of the Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Research Center and Associate Dean of Special Collections at University of Kentucky Libraries, this new partnership will draw upon the resources and expertise of the NARA Education Team to complement a major educational initiative by the University of Kentucky Libraries on the career of Earle C. Clements.

The University of Kentucky is assembling a team of historians, archivists, and educators to create a web-based curriculum guide called “Courthouse to the White House,” focusing on the life and public service career of Clements. The online guide for educators will feature documents, photographs, oral history materials, and other resources held in the UK Libraries. The Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center in the Owensboro Museum of Science and History will serve as a partner and provide instructional guidance, networks of Kentucky teachers, and a forum for teacher workshops. The NARA Education team will participate in the workshops, demonstrating to teachers how their resources, particularly Docsteach, are invaluable tools for boosting learning and achievement.

Scaggs is working with NARA staff and the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center to design the KATH session. In addition to the upcoming KATH session targeting K-12 teachers, NARA is offering a K-12 teaching award in partnership with UK and KATH. The award will promote innovative teaching by secondary school teachers in the field of Social Studies and Civic Education. Foundation support would fund the $1,000 “Earle C. Clements Innovation in Education Award.” The plan is to recognize three Kentucky teachers for their innovative and effective use of the curriculum guide and NARA resources in their classrooms. This award will produce a corps of master teachers who will be valuable as exemplars of best practices and important local advocates for using primary resources.

For more details, contact Deirdre A. Scaggs, Associate Dean of Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, Margaret I. King Building, Lexington

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KATH Board Meeting in Feb

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Minutes from the Meeting on Monday, February 10, 2014

Present: Pattie Dillon, Randolph Hollingsworth, Cheryl Caskey, Megan Mummey, Allison Hunt, Angela Ash, Sara Price, Lorie Maltby

1. Conference date and title: No decision was made regarding a finalized title for the conference, although the theme will be civil rights. Saturday, October 11, was identified as a tentative date for the conference to be held at Spalding University. Once a date is finalized, a suggestion was made to contact the Muhammad Ali Center as possible reception location.

2. Committee assignments:

  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee – Pattie and Cheryl
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee – Jake and Angela
  • Papers and Awards Committee – Allison and Randolph
  • Nominating Committee – Lorie and Megan
  • Funding and Finance Committee – Alana and Sara

3. Discussion of National Archives and University of Kentucky partnership:  Randolph provided an overview of the partnership and discussion followed regarding ways to highlight the partnership at the conference. Possible suggestions included: publicizing the partnership with the conference and/or providing a break-out session focused on the partnership.

4. Discussion of panel: Cheryl offered to ask Dr. Tracy K’Meyer to serve on the panel. A suggestion was made to ask Dr. K’Meyer if she would also invite Drs. Eric Jackson and Cate Fosl. Randolph suggested that once speakers are confirmed, they can meet to decide what they will discuss for the panel and come up with a title.

5. Discussion of sessions: A suggestion was made to dedicate a break-out session on best practices for online history instruction. A possible panel could include Dr. Linda Levstik (curriculum design) and Sarah Milligan (KY Oral History Commission). Information for Dr. Levstik may be found at Information for the new civil rights oral history website Sarah is working on may be found at

6. Discussion of luncheon speakers:  A suggestion was made to invite individuals who had been involved in the civil rights movement to speak at lunch. For example, Senator Georgia Powers, Mattie Jones or/ and Suzy Post; possibly Dr. Fosl or Dr. K’Meyer could invite the luncheon speakers.

7. Grant submission: Once a date and speakers for the conference are finalized, Pattie will submit a grant to the Kentucky Humanities Council. To ensure funding availability, the grant should be submitted by the end of February.

8. Next meeting: The next meeting will be face-to-face on Spalding’s campus in order to tour the facility.


You are cordially invited

Carnegie Center red doorThe Kentucky Association of Teachers of History cordially invites you to the 38th Annual Meeting Opening Reception at the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning, 251 West Second Street, Lexington, Kentucky.

Please attend KATH’s traditional meet-and-greet the Annual Meeting session facilitators and Keynoter on Friday, September 27, 2013, 8:30 – 10:30 p.m.

R.S.V.P. Alana Cain Scott,

Posted September 17, 2013 by Randolph Hollingsworth


KATH on Facebook

KATH event on FacebookKATH on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? Then please log in and “join” the KATH 2013 Annual Meeting event.

Share the Facebook event page with your friends and on your own history-related community pages to help us get the word out about the upcoming meeting.

Thanks so much!

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Tri-fold brochure to mail

Are you getting ready for the upcoming KATH Annual Meeting? It is shaping up to be a terrific conference!

download buttonPlease download this KATH Meeting 2013 brochure and print it out. It can be folded up, ready to be mailed out to your favorite historian Luddite who refuses to use the Internet to read about the KATH meeting and register online.

You know they’re out there! Pass it on!

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We have a winner!

The winner of the 2013 Anita Sanford Tolson High School Writing Award is Margaret Anne Foster, who in 2012-13 was in Grade 9 at North Oldham High School in Goshen, Kentucky.

Her faculty sponsor is David Green who teaches a variety of social studies classes including AP US History.

Paper title: “Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Antebellum Women’s Culture”

The Tolson Award goes to a high school student who has written an outstanding paper on a history-related topic (where the topic was determined by the writer and not by assignment). The paper must be 1,500 to 2,500 words and have at least eight references (including primary sources).

Ms. Foster will be honored with a $100 cash prize and certificate at the annual KATH meeting in Lexington on September 28th.

Posted September 6, 2013 by Randolph Hollingsworth

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