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Planning Session, 9 Dec 2011

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KATH Conference Planning Session
December 9, 2011; 4-5 pm; University of Kentucky
Attendees:  Angela Ash (Owensboro CTC), Lorie Maltby (Henderson CC), Randolph Hollingsworth (UK), Gary Powell (BCTC)

The group reviewed the notes from the KATH Summit held on November 11th, the KATH Constitution (most recently revised in 2006), and the notes from the December 2 brainstorming session.  The following recommendations were made:

  1. Send out the call for membership dues and donations (including an explanation of the need for a paid part-time Director)
  2. Recommend a change to the constitution to include more committees besides the Executive Committee so to allow for more evenly distributed responsibilities – each of the following new committees should have a designated chair/convener:
  • Executive Committee (primary tasks are to come up with annual conference theme and provide oversight for other committees)
  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Papers and Awards Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Funding and Finance Committee

The list of activities/duties of the “glue-person” from the December 2 session was prioritized to 4 must-have duties (with some revision) and 2 nice-to-have duties as follows:

Proposed KATH Director Activities

 Must Do:

  • Communicate with board members, plan meetings and assist president in supervising committee activities
  • Plan the annual conference in conjunction with the board
  • Maintain membership database and generate new members with mailings, etc.
  • Keep records
 Nice to Have:

  • Communicate with members by identifying resources, encouraging discussion on H-Kentucky and maintaining on the new H-Kentucky website (moving to Drupal this coming year) a clearinghouse for history educators in Kentucky
  • Coordinate KATH Paper Awards

The group suggested the call for donations should ask for $50.  The payment for the above duties could be $5,000 per year, in cash – say, $1,000 per task identified above.


  1. Angela will help Randolph draft a call for donations
  2. Randolph will talk with Alana about the status of the treasury, the budget allocation per type of expense/income, what it would cost to put on a conference in fall 2012
  3. Lorie will research other organizations as was recommended in Dec 2 meeting notes
  4. Randolph will talk with Enid Wohlstein (KYVL) about redirecting KATH website to new URL
  5. Gary will help Randolph identify existing KATH board members
  6. Randolph will call for attendees for a planning meeting in January


Summit on KATH, 11-11-11

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Kentucky Association of Teachers of History


M.I.King Library, University of Kentucky
November 11, 2011;  4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Refreshments courtesy of the UK History Department

Jake Gibbs (BCTC), Melanie Beal Goan (UK), Rebecca Hanly (KHS), Phil Harling (UK), George Herring (UK emeritus), Kate Hesseldenz (UK), Gordon Hogg (UK), Randolph Hollingsworth (UK), Jim Klotter (Georgetown), Lorie Maltby (Henderson CC), Karen Petrone (UK), Sarah-Jane Poindexter (Filson), Gary Powell (BCTC), Vanessa de los Reyes (Gateway CTC), Rick Smoot (BCTC), Paul Tenkotte (NKU), Anita Sanford Tolson (FCPS emeritus), Kitty Stephens (FCPS emeritus/BCTC)

Problem Identified:

There are many reasons for why the KATH Board was unable to organize the call for student papers and a conference for Fall 2011.  There are no KATH members and no leadership of the Board currently since the 2010 meeting did not elect a full slate, the 2011 President has served his one year term and the 2011 President-Elect resigned (with no new slate of officers and no Board leadership in place). The group surmised there may be too many people on the Board overall and much of the work is taken on by the President; so it is easier to avoid taking a leadership role when the need arises.  Another idea posed was that there was a lack of regular communications from the Board; KATH Newsletters (print, via postal mail) in the past kept the membership informed and helped keep attention on this small statewide conference despite so many other competing interests. The KATH website is down.

Decisions Made:

The group decided on three main actions to take:

  1. A call for membership dues and donations will be mailed this winter (including an explanation of the need for a paid part-time employee to organize KATH business)
  2. A small group would get together to plan a conference for Fall 2012 – starting in December
  3. A small group would gather to identify what a part-time KATH officer would need to do (tasks and the number of hours required) to keep KATH business, including the website, going for an academic year


  1. Each group member will look in their KATH papers to find names/addresses, try to ascertain if the information is still correct and send updated information to Randolph (; Jim will send to Randolph an example of a call for donations and she will draft up something for the whole group to review
  2. Randolph will use a Doodle calendar again to convene a meeting of the past KATH Board members and any others who may wish to attend to plan a conference for Fall 2012 in central Kentucky
  3. Jake, Kate, Melanie, Randolph, Anita [others?] will get together to identify tasks/hours/pay for KATH part-time employee (e.g., Chief Operating Officer?) and report back to the group
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