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Hold the Date: Oct 3

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KATH’s 40th Annual Meeting

Owensboro CTC's Main Campus map

KATH Annual Meeting to take place in the Advanced Technology Building, OCTC Main Campus

Saturday, October 3rd
Owensboro Community & Technical College
Main Campus, Advanced Technology Building
4800 New Hartford Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

Making History: Controversy and Culture Wars

When it comes to crafting history, perception can become reality, a reality then passed down to subsequent generations.  The challenge is to evaluate sources and ideological agendas.  From Wikipedia to Common Core to more traditional sources such as oral history, the integrity of both the message and the messenger are of great concern.  Explore these issues at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Association of Teachers of History.    

AT building foyer

OCTC Advanced Technology Building foyer

Keynote Address: Panelists to Speak on the Kentucky Version of the Common Core Standards for Social Studies

Break-out sessions

  • Continuing the Conversation with the Panelists (How Common Core will impact how History is taught in college)
  • Archivist’s Role in Shaping History
  • Making History in the Classroom (Culture Wars in Early American History – connections with Ferguson, MO events today)
  • H-Kentucky Network

KATH Reception on Friday evening, October 2nd: International Bluegrass Music Museum
KATH Board Members and Conference Presenters will eat dinner at The Miller House Restaurant before the reception.




Spotlight: Angela Ash, Owensboro CTC

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Angela Ash, OCTC

Angela Ash, OCTC

Keeping the focus on our KATH Member-in-the-Spotlight, this time we present 2012-13 KATH Board Member, Angela Ash, who represents Kentucky Community & Technical Colleges. (See past KATH Spotlight articles by clicking here.)

Current school and alma mater/s:  Assistant Professor of History at Owensboro Community and Technical College; MA 2005 University of Louisville; BA 2003 Brescia University; AA Owensboro Community College

Fields of interest: English Reformation, French Revolution, 19th Century Europe, World War I, Jewish History, Military History.

When did you first develop an interest in history? I remember as a child, my mother bringing home books on the Holocaust and World War II from her bookstore, and my father’s deep interest in the American Civil War also made a lasting impression.  I carried this with me through high school, where my favorite courses were World Civilizations and American History, in the US Navy, where our RDC’s would quiz us on American Naval History, and then in college, where I had amazing History professors like Dr. Marc Maltby for American History at Owensboro Community College, and Dr. Frances Brown for European History at Brescia University.  I knew then, as a college student, that I wanted to devote my life to the study of history, and emulate my professors to the best of my ability with the hopes of connecting with students in the same way.

How have your interests changed since graduate school? In graduate school, my focus was researching the dimensions of the English Reformation, particularly the dissolution of monasteries and the overall impact.  However, after a few years of teaching, reading and researching independently, I have transferred that same passion to military and diplomatic history; 19th century Europe and World War I have been my objects of study for the past few years.  I also have spent much of the time since graduate school improving my teaching – finding ways to make history relevant and exciting to students.

What projects are you working on currently? My current projects include preparing a Constitution Day presentation for my campus on the European roots of the American system of government, participation in a panel discussion and local documentary on the European front in World War II sponsored by the Daviess County Public Library, and recruiting students to sign up for a 2014 summer study course I plan to teach with a colleague, involving a trip to the Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland.

Is there an article, book, movie, blog, etc., that you could recommend to fellow KATH members?  One of my favorite books is a classic – Niall Ferguson’s The Pity of War, and my favorite documentary is the PBS masterpiece “The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.”

What do you value most about the history profession? I value the time I get to spend with the students, and the opportunity I have to help them understand the human story and how it relates to them.  To me, it is a huge responsibility, and every class session is a chance to make the past matter in a culture where what happened “before me” is not necessarily valued.

Other than history, what are you passionate about? My eight year old daughter Gracie tops that list, but I also love to travel when possible, watch old films, study languages (when I can), and listen to music, though my taste is quite eclectic.

Any final thoughts?  I have a favorite quote from Plato that I sometimes share with students – “Only the dead have seen the end of war,” which is rather grim, but drives home an important point about past and present conflict.


Planning Session, 9 Dec 2011

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KATH Conference Planning Session
December 9, 2011; 4-5 pm; University of Kentucky
Attendees:  Angela Ash (Owensboro CTC), Lorie Maltby (Henderson CC), Randolph Hollingsworth (UK), Gary Powell (BCTC)

The group reviewed the notes from the KATH Summit held on November 11th, the KATH Constitution (most recently revised in 2006), and the notes from the December 2 brainstorming session.  The following recommendations were made:

  1. Send out the call for membership dues and donations (including an explanation of the need for a paid part-time Director)
  2. Recommend a change to the constitution to include more committees besides the Executive Committee so to allow for more evenly distributed responsibilities – each of the following new committees should have a designated chair/convener:
  • Executive Committee (primary tasks are to come up with annual conference theme and provide oversight for other committees)
  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Papers and Awards Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Funding and Finance Committee

The list of activities/duties of the “glue-person” from the December 2 session was prioritized to 4 must-have duties (with some revision) and 2 nice-to-have duties as follows:

Proposed KATH Director Activities

 Must Do:

  • Communicate with board members, plan meetings and assist president in supervising committee activities
  • Plan the annual conference in conjunction with the board
  • Maintain membership database and generate new members with mailings, etc.
  • Keep records
 Nice to Have:

  • Communicate with members by identifying resources, encouraging discussion on H-Kentucky and maintaining on the new H-Kentucky website (moving to Drupal this coming year) a clearinghouse for history educators in Kentucky
  • Coordinate KATH Paper Awards

The group suggested the call for donations should ask for $50.  The payment for the above duties could be $5,000 per year, in cash – say, $1,000 per task identified above.


  1. Angela will help Randolph draft a call for donations
  2. Randolph will talk with Alana about the status of the treasury, the budget allocation per type of expense/income, what it would cost to put on a conference in fall 2012
  3. Lorie will research other organizations as was recommended in Dec 2 meeting notes
  4. Randolph will talk with Enid Wohlstein (KYVL) about redirecting KATH website to new URL
  5. Gary will help Randolph identify existing KATH board members
  6. Randolph will call for attendees for a planning meeting in January
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