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Nomination Slate

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According to the KATH Constitution, the KATH Board consists of an Executive Committee and appointed officers. Board members serve for two years; and, Executive Committee members are elected at the KATH Annual Meeting.

The 2013-14 KATH Board‘s Nominating Committee has compiled a slate of nominees for this year’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 18th, at Spalding University. All current members of KATH (including registrants of this year’s Meeting) are eligible to vote.

Nomination Slate for
KATH Executive Committee, 2014-15

Angela Ash, Owensboro Community & Technical College

Megan Mummey, University of Kentucky

Past President
Pattie Dillon, Spalding University**

Community Colleges Representative
Jake Gibbs, Bluegrass Community & Technical College**

Private/Indep. Colleges & Univ. Representative
Deonte Hallowell, Spalding University

Public Comprehensive Universities Representative
Andrea Watkins, Northern Kentucky University**

Research Universities Representative
Sara Abdmishani Price, University of Kentucky**

Public Historians Representative
Kate Hesseldenz, Liberty Hall Historic Site

Librarian/Archivist Representative
Nominations accepted from the floor

K-12 Representatives (two)
Nominations accepted from the floor

At-Large Representative
Nominations accepted from the floor


**Fulfilling second year of term – see the list of 2013-14 KATH Board members here.




Board Meeting, May 3

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KATH Minutes, Telephone Meeting, Saturday, May 3, 2014

Present: Pattie Dillon, Cheryl Caskey, Megan Mummey, Crystal Culp, Lorie Maltby, Sara Abdmishani Price

1. Fall KATH Conference:

Saturday, October 18 was identified as the date for the conference to be held at Spalding University in Louisville.

Those present agreed on a conference theme: celebrating civil rights acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Members are invited to recommend a title for the conference.

Keynote Speaker discussed. Various Conference Sessions proposed:

  • Keynote Speaker’s session;
  • NARA panel discussion presenting a new Earle C. Clements Award; the panel would discuss the requirements of the award, and will offer a guided presentation on using NARA primary sources in lesson plans for pre-college teachers;
  • Presentation by Jamie Burton of UK to discuss use of primary sources in the classroom geared toward college undergraduates;
  • Panel discussion of students involved in the Diversity in Appalachia oral history project; students to share their oral history process and experiences;
  • Presentation on the Americans with Disabilities Act and recent developments impacting education and educators;
  • Presentation or panel on new research or trends of a specific population group (e.g., African Americans, Native Americans, LGBT, women)

Lunchtime Entertainment: One member recommended inviting a talented young African American poet from Paducah to perform; the members responded favorably recommending that further research be undertake to determine his expenses.

2. Pre-Conference Friday Night Reception and Dinner:

The Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville is a possible venue for the reception. The Center also has plenty of parking.

Many possible restaurant choices are located in downtown Louisville within walking distance of the Muhammad Ali Center for dinner.

3. Other Business:

  • Friday night lodging: a block of rooms need to be reserved at a downtown Louisville hotel.
  • The President will look into submitting a grant to the Kentucky Humanities Council.
  • The Papers and Awards Committee should begin to identify individuals to facilitate and judge KATH’s four student awards.
  • The Nominating Committee will identify individuals for the 2014-2015 KATH Board.



KATH Board Meeting in Feb

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Minutes from the Meeting on Monday, February 10, 2014

Present: Pattie Dillon, Randolph Hollingsworth, Cheryl Caskey, Megan Mummey, Allison Hunt, Angela Ash, Sara Price, Lorie Maltby

1. Conference date and title: No decision was made regarding a finalized title for the conference, although the theme will be civil rights. Saturday, October 11, was identified as a tentative date for the conference to be held at Spalding University. Once a date is finalized, a suggestion was made to contact the Muhammad Ali Center as possible reception location.

2. Committee assignments:

  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee – Pattie and Cheryl
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee – Jake and Angela
  • Papers and Awards Committee – Allison and Randolph
  • Nominating Committee – Lorie and Megan
  • Funding and Finance Committee – Alana and Sara

3. Discussion of National Archives and University of Kentucky partnership:  Randolph provided an overview of the partnership and discussion followed regarding ways to highlight the partnership at the conference. Possible suggestions included: publicizing the partnership with the conference and/or providing a break-out session focused on the partnership.

4. Discussion of panel: Cheryl offered to ask Dr. Tracy K’Meyer to serve on the panel. A suggestion was made to ask Dr. K’Meyer if she would also invite Drs. Eric Jackson and Cate Fosl. Randolph suggested that once speakers are confirmed, they can meet to decide what they will discuss for the panel and come up with a title.

5. Discussion of sessions: A suggestion was made to dedicate a break-out session on best practices for online history instruction. A possible panel could include Dr. Linda Levstik (curriculum design) and Sarah Milligan (KY Oral History Commission). Information for Dr. Levstik may be found at Information for the new civil rights oral history website Sarah is working on may be found at

6. Discussion of luncheon speakers:  A suggestion was made to invite individuals who had been involved in the civil rights movement to speak at lunch. For example, Senator Georgia Powers, Mattie Jones or/ and Suzy Post; possibly Dr. Fosl or Dr. K’Meyer could invite the luncheon speakers.

7. Grant submission: Once a date and speakers for the conference are finalized, Pattie will submit a grant to the Kentucky Humanities Council. To ensure funding availability, the grant should be submitted by the end of February.

8. Next meeting: The next meeting will be face-to-face on Spalding’s campus in order to tour the facility.


Planning 2014 Annual Meeting

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On one of Kentucky’s most wintery days this year, Friday December 6th, the KATH Board met to plan the upcoming annual meeting. Those Board members present for the brief teleconference were: Pattie Dillon (KATH President), Cheryl Caskey (Public Historian rep), Randolph Hollingsworth (KATH web admin), and Andrea Watkins (Public/Comprehensive University rep). The following items were discussed:

  1. Location for conference
    Spalding University in Louisville will be the location for the 2014 KATH fall conference (if other locations are possible, please notify Pattie Dillon by December 16).
  2. Conference Theme
    Civil Rights was suggested as next year’s conference theme. Again, if you would like to suggest a different theme, please let Pattie know by December 16.
  3. Suggested Keynote speakers
    Instead of having one keynote speaker, we would ask for a panel presentation. After the panel presentation, each of the speakers would then have their own individual break-out session.
  4. Break-out sessions
    There will be 5 break-out sessions in the morning and again after lunch. Each of the key note speakers will have an individual break-out session. The two other additional break-out sessions will focus on pedagogy.
  5. Grant
    Once the details for the conference are finalized, Pattie will submit a grant application to the Kentucky Humanities Council.
  6. Next meeting
    Possible date for next phone conference, week of January 27-31. Pattie will again send out request for dates and times that will work the best for everyone’s schedule. At the next meeting, Pattie will request committee members to sign up for specific sub-committees. A face-to-face meeting in Louisville on site will occur in March or April.


KATH Board meeting

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Dr. Pattie Dillon, KATH President 2013-14, has called the KATH Board to meet on Friday. You will find the agenda below. Add your ideas, suggestions in the comments area below.

KATH Board Meeting Agenda

Friday, December 6, 2:30-3:30

  1. Identify conference location
  2. Suggestions for conference themes
  3. Suggestions for keynote speaker
  4. Discuss number of sessions to offer
  5. Publicity for conference and presenters
  6. Information for grant
  7. Other financial information
    1. charge for conference
    2. breakfast/lunch
  8. other items
    1. publishers
  9. Dates for future meetings


Dr. Pattie Dillon, KATH President 2013-14
Spalding University
Chair, School of Liberal Studies
Associate Professor of History
845 S. 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40203


Board Nomination Slate, 2013-14

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On Saturday at the 38th KATH Annual Meeting, Lorie Maltby, Nominations Committee Chair, will present this nomination slate for the 2013-14 KATH Executive Committee:

  • President – Patricia Dillon, Spalding University (president-elect on last year’s Board)
  • President Elect – Angela Ash, Owensboro Community & Technical College
  • Past-President – Allison Martin Hunt, DuPont Manual High School, Jefferson County Public Schools (president on last year’s Board)
  • Community College Representative – Jake Gibbs, Bluegrass Community & Technical College
  • Public/comprehensive University Representative – Andrea Watkins, Northern Kentucky University
  • Research University Representative – Sara Abdmishani Price, University of Kentucky
  • Librarian/Archivst – Megan Mummey, University of Kentucky
  • At-Large Representative – Jackie Young, Spalding University
  • K-12 Representative (one of two) – open

~~~ KATH Executive Committee Members continuing into their 2nd year ~~~

  • K-12 representative – Crystal Culp, McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Facility, Paducah
  • Private/Independent College Representative – Wendy Davis, Campbellsville University
  • Public History Representative – Cheryl Caskey, Kentucky Historical Society

~~~ KATH Boad Members Appointed (not elected) ~~~

  • Secretary – Lorie Maltby, Henderson Community College
  • Treasurer – Alana Cain Scott, Morehead State University
  • Websites Administrator – Randolph Hollingsworth, University of Kentucky
  • Newsletter Editor – open




Call for Nominations

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Call for Nominations for a
Public/Comprehensive Universities Representative
for the KATH Board 2013-14

The Kentucky Association of Teachers of History (KATH) seeks nominations
for a public, comprehensive university representative for its Board.

KATH is a service organization for those concerned about improving the
quality of history education in Kentucky and offers opportunities to
network and to experience professional development events, especially
through our annual conference. In this way we hope to improve the scope
and quality of teaching history throughout Kentucky.

The governing body of the Association is an Executive Committee
consisting of the president, president-elect, and the following elected
representative, chosen from each of these areas: K-8 grades, 9-12 grades,
community college, private/independent college, public/comprehensive
university, research university, public historian, librarian/archivist,
members at-large. (Current board members are listed here.)

The Board’s primary function is to plan the annual conference. Serving on
the Board entails a minimal time commitment and provides an excellent
opportunity to meet other history educators throughout the state. Board
members serve two-year terms. You do not need to have prior experience
with KATH in order to serve. Please share information about KATH and the
opportunities it offers with recent hires in your department.

As stipulated by the KATH Constitution, the membership will approve
the proposed 2013-2014 KATH Board at the business meeting held at the
September 28 conference in Lexington. Nominations, including
self-nominations, are currently being accepted.

Please send your nomination (either self-nomination or peer nomination)
and short c.v. to the KATH Nominations Committee chair and KATH secretary,
Lorie A. Maltby (Henderson Community College),


Board Meeting, June 16

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SUMMARY – KATH Board Meeting, Saturday, June 16, 2013, Louisville, KY
Present:  President Allison Hunt, Cheryl Caskey, Randolph Hollingsworth, Lorie Maltby, Sara Price, Alana Cain Scott
Absent: Angela Ash, Crystal Culp, Wendy Davis, Pattie Dillon, Jake Gibbs, Chris Snow

The meeting covered KATH Board nominations, upcoming fall conference & meeting, breakout sessions, paper awards, invitation to local regional publishing companies, and consideration of KATH swag (i.e., tote bags, water bottles, etc.).

  • Nominations Committee (Lorie Maltby and Chris Snow) – Maltby will recruit individuals to fill in the currently vacant executive board (i.e., public/comprehensive and research university representatives) and to seek volunteers for upcoming vacant positions (i.e., President-elect and Librarian/archivist).  Sara Price notified the group of her change in jobs from librarian/archivist to university transfer advisor.  Recommendations of possible board members were offered.  Alana Cain Scott will provide Lorie with the KATH membership list.  Lorie will contact current inactive Board members and possible new members as well as post a call for nominations on the KATH website.
  • Logistics Committee (Jake Gibbs, Cheryl Caskey, Pattie Dillon) – Gibbs was not present at the meeting however he has been in contact with BCTC leadership to reserve space at the Leestown Campus for Saturday, Sept 28; the committee needs also to work with the nearby hotels to block off and reserve rooms at a discount for KATH meeting attendees; the committee also needs to solicit institutions to support the traditional breakfast eateries; and, the lunch to be catered (Gibbs has reached out to Bourbon n’ Toulouse whose owner was once a BCTC student).
  • Papers & Awards Committee (Randolph Hollingsworth, Crystal Culp) – calls for papers (Hollingsworth for Clark and Betts; Culp for Tolson) have resulted in submissions in all categories – papers are currently being evaluated; Dr. Melanie Goan is organizing the Herring award judges
  • Funding and Finance Committee (Alana Scott, Wendy Davis) – The Board agreed to keep the conference registration fee (including lunch and price of membership) at $50.00 for regular members. Alana mentioned her efforts to contact US Bank and create an online account so members can pay dues and conference fees via the KATH website. Randolph queried whether a PayPal account was possible. (Randolph has since worked with Alana to create a PayPay account on the KATH website.) Allison is also looking into the possibility of awarding professional development credit for high school teachers who attend the conference.  Allison and Alana will work on a KHC application (being accepted as of July 1). Maltby will research purchasing items with the KATH logo to distribute to speakers and paper award winners and to sell to KATH members.  Items mentioned included tote bags, water bottles, etc.
  • Conference Program & Speakers Committee (Allison Hunt, Sara Price, Angela Ash) – Price will contact the Lexington Public Library Central Branch about allowing an early evening reception at their gallery; the local historic homes might have artifact displays for the library.  The library is located downtown Lexington within plenty of parking and within walking distance to several restaurants including Alfalfa’s where the Board will take the breakout session facilitators, the keynoter and her guest to dinner.  The agenda for the Fall 2013 Annual Meeting so far:

Date:  Friday, Sept. 27 & Saturday, Sept. 28
Saturday Meeting:   Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Leestown Campus, Lexington
Friday Evening Reception:  Lexington Public Library (?)
Tentative Title:  “DIS-placement:  Impact of War on Society”

Conference Schedule:

Registration & Breakfast:  9 – 10 a.m.
  • Registration:  Scott
  • Breakfast:  Gibbs, Caskey, Dillon
  • Tables with Book Publishers: Hunt, Maltby
Welcome & Keynote:  10 – 11 a.m.
Breakout Sessions #1:  11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
  • More Q&A with Keynoter: Hunt
  • U.S. history roundtable discussion for pre-college educators: Hunt
  • Battle of Perryville and effects on community – with Stuart Sanders (author): Caskey
  • Veterans from today’s wars returning to civilian life – with Tony Dodson and Tyler Gayheart (UK): Price
  • Effects of War on Art in Egypt – with Monica Blackmun Visona (UK): Price
  • Use of GIS to study battlefields – with Scott Dobler (WKU): Hunt
Lunch & Business Meeting:   12:30-2:00 p.m.
  • Catered lunch: Gibbs
  • Performance and/or Presentation (perhaps Dr. Herman Farrell?): Price
  • Business Meeting: Hunt
    • Nominations Committee: Maltby (slate for new KATH Executive Board officers for 2013-14)
    • Paper Award Presentations: Culp, Hollingsworth and Goan
    • New Business (if any): Dillon
Breakout Sessions #2:  2:00-3:00 p.m.
    (Repeat of the above)

Plenary Session Wrap-up: 3:00-3:30 p.m.
    (Something fun to gather everyone back together before they leave – suggestions welcome)

For more detailed minutes, please contact Lorie Maltby, KATH Secretary,


Board Meeting, March 30

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KATH Board Meeting, Saturday, March 30, 2013
Patrick O’Shea’s Irish Pub, Louisville, KY

Present:  President Allison Hunt, Randolph Hollingsworth, Cheryl Caskey, Sara Price, Crystal Culp, Angela Ash (& Gracie Ash), Lorie Maltby, Jake Gibbs, Alana Scott, Pattie Dillon

Meeting arranged by Allison Hunt at Patrick O’Shea’s Irish Pub in Louisville, KY.

The meeting focused mostly on the upcoming fall conference/meeting. Randolph reported that new UK historian Amy Murrell Taylor has accepted KATH’s invitation to be the keynote speaker for the fall conference.  Her research is about wartime migration.  Dr. Taylor’s keynote will set the scene for the topic of wartime and post-war displacement.  Sara Price mentioned that she has connections with the Oral History Project:  Student Veterans in Iraq & Afghanistan.  This project consists of oral history interviews with students from UK, BCTC, NKU, and EKU.  Sara shared that a play was also done based on the interviews.  The project is still collecting interviews.

Talk then turned to the conference title; the group agreed to:  “DIS-placement:  Impact of War on Society.”  Discussion then focused on concurrent sessions.  Considerations included a session on the Battle of Perryville featuring Stuart Sanders, former Perryville Battlefield curator, whose book Under Fire describes the toll that the battle had on the community; Dean Lambert’s When the Ripe Pears Fall, about the Battle of Richmond; focus on the Kentucky core standards content, and the Oral History project.  Ideally there would be up to five breakout sessions.

The conference needs to be during the last two weeks in September, either September 21 or September 28.  The group would like to hold the conference in central Kentucky.  Two possible sites in Frankfort are the Kentucky History Center and Berry Hill Mansion.  Two sites in Lexington are the W. T. Young Library and Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

Conference schedule:

  1. Registration & Breakfast:  9 – 10 a.m.
  2. Welcome & Keynote:  10 – 11 a.m.
  3. Breakout Sessions #1:  11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
  4. Lunch & Business Meeting:  12:30-1:30 p.m.
  5. Breakout Sessions #2:  1:30-2:30 p.m.

Discussion of committees and assignments ensued:

  • conference program & speakers:  Allison Hunt, Sara Price, Angela Ash
  • logistics:  Jake Gibbs, Cheryl Caskey, Pattie Dillon; task:  location for conference, catering
  • funding & finance:  Alana Scott, Wendy Davis; tasks:  KY Humanities Council Grant, contact organizations to add to the program, investigate credit card services
  • papers & awards:  Randolph, Melanie Goan, Crystal Culp, Melissa; tasks:  4 paper awards, publicize the paper awards, possibly channel KY History Day papers to high school papers award
  • nominations (Lorie Maltby, Christopher Snow; tasks:  fill missing positions on the KATH Board—public/comprehensive university rep and research university rep)

Discussion of funding and finance issues:

  • How much to charge for the conference registration fee?  Last year registration fees were $35 + membership fee of $15 for a total of $50 for members and $15 for students.
  • How much can KATH pay for an honorarium for Dr. Talyor–$200?
  • Should KATH invite publishers to come to the conference and charge them a fee?  KCHS charges $100 for a booth to publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson/Cengage and College Board.  There would be no charges for UK Press.
  • Should KATH pursue conference sponsorships from different organizations?
  • Should KATH look into selling KATH swag (e.g., coffee mugs, t-shirts, cheap tote bags, etc.)?  For this someone could investigate Café Press.

Next steps:

  • Decide on a location (agreed to contact):
    • Kentucky History Center (Cheryl Caskey);
    • Berry Hill Mansion (Lorie Maltby),
    • BCTC (Jake Gibbs)
  • Determine lunch catering & registration fees

Next KATH Board Meeting:  Sunday, April 21 in Louisville

Respectfully Submitted by
Lorie Maltby, Secretary


KATH Board Mtg, March 30th

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On March 30th the KATH Board is meeting to fill in some details about this coming fall’s annual conference.  We are considering the last two weekends in September – and Amy Murrell Taylor has graciously accepted our request for her to be a keynoter.  See more information in the last meeting’s minutes detailed in the previous post.

The meeting will begin at 11:00 am at Patrick O’Shea’s Irish Pub, 123 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202.  If you haven’t been to Patrick O’Shea’s before it is a beautiful, historic Main Street location.  The reservation is under Allison Martin Hunt’s name.

For more information, contact Allison at 502-485-8241 |

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