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KATH Board Meeting, Feb 17

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The KATH Board for 2012-13 met on Saturday, February 17th to discuss the upcoming fall meeting and topics.  The highly talented KATH President Allison Hunt of duPont Manual High School led the meeting via webconference and phone conference at the same time.  Based on survey results, the civil war in Kentucky was a frequent suggestion. Topics related to civil war were discussed including women and war, refugees, etc.  (See past conference topics here for reference.)  It was then suggested that perhaps the theme could be broader such as examining the impact of war in Kentucky. This idea was well received.  Discussion ensued regarding subtopics such as the relevance of the topic to returning veterans, impact of wars on veterans both men and women, post-war refugees in Kentucky. Amy Murrell Taylor was suggested as a keynote speaker

In reference to the survey results, Allison mentioned the need for multiple concurrent break-out sessions.  Suggestions for break-out sessions included:  tying in with Kentucky Historical Society doing something with using primary sources for 6-12 teachers, drawing on the Louie B. Nunn Center oral history project with student veterans (with Doug Boyd and Hermann Farrell), inviting college students who are veterans to participate in the conference.  Allison mentioned her association with the Kentucky Geographic Alliance and the possibility of partnering in some fashion with them.

Various locations were considered – and the possibility of partnerships with museums was raised.  For example, the Kentucky Military Museum will be reopened by the fall and Frankfort has various military memorials which could be explored and discussed by meeting attendees – perhaps explore via digital technologies.

Allison also mentioned that she will be attending a P20 meeting in Frankfort on Thursday, Feb. 21 to discuss the national and Kentucky core standards.  Allison will keep the Board informed as to the meeting especially as it relates to social studies standards. 

Next meeting will be on Saturday, March 30th, in Louisville. Details forthcoming.



37th Meeting a Success

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Plenary Session at KATH meeting at duPont Manual High School, Sept 15, 2012The 37th Annual Meeting of KATH was a great success: nearly 60 attendees of postsecondary faculty, secondary educators, public historians, and students. Exhibits included representatives from the University Press of Kentucky,  the United States Daughters of 1812 – Kentucky Chapter, the Filson Historical Society, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Campbellsville University’s Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society.

State Representative Steve Riggs presents legislative citation to Dr. George Herring at KATH conference, September 15, 2012

As part of a surprise organized by the U.K. History Department and the former presidents of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, State Representative Steve Riggs presented a legislative citation to our keynoter, Dr. George Herring, Professor Emeritus of the University of Kentucky.

Lunch included the incomparable performance of a Kentucky militiaman in 1812  by the talented teenager, Harry Smith under the auspices of the Kentucky Humanities Council.

The Phi Alpha Theta students from Campbellsville University will serve as guest bloggers for KATH (which will be re-posted to the H-Kentucky listserv) and give a summary of the wonderful keynote and discussion sessions.

The business meeting garnered a positive vote by acclamation for the KATH Constitution 2006 (proposed revisions 2012) which added standing committees to help organize the annual meeting, an Executive Committee 2012-13 (see below) and the presentation of three KATH student writing award certificates.

Congratulations to our new KATH leadership for 2012-13!

Executive Committee, 2012-13

  • President – Allison Hunt, duPont Manual HS
  • President-elect – Pattie Dillon, Spalding U
  • Past-President – none due to no President in 2011-12
  • Community College – Angela Ash, Owensboro CTC
  • Private/Indep – Wendy Davis, Campbellsville U
  • Public historian – Cheryl Caskey, KHS
  • Librarian/archivist – Sara Price, UK
  • K-12 representatives – Crystal Culp (McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Facility, McCracken County Schools), Chris Snow (Henry Clay, Fayette County Public Schools)
  • Public/comprehensive – not filled
  • Research university – not filled
  • At large – Jake Gibbs, Bluegrass CTC

Additional appointments to serve as members of the KATH Board

  • Secretary – Lori Maltby, Henderson CC
  • Treasurer – Alana Cain Scott, Morehead State U
  • Webmaster – Randolph Hollingsworth, UK
  • Newsletter Editor – not filled


See more on the KATH 2012 annual meeting, including pictures, at


Call for Board Members

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Call for Nominations for the KATH Board

Currently, KATH is without an Executive Committee (Board). Because no Board was elected at the 2010 annual meeting, all official leadership slots are vacant. Members of past KATH Executive Committees have been meeting to plan this year’s conference and to set things in motion for future years. Appointing a new Board is a key priority.

The Board’s primary function is to plan the annual conference. Serving on the Board entails a minimal time commitment and provides an excellent opportunity to meet other history educators throughout the state. Board members serve two-year terms. You do not need to have prior experience with KATH in order to serve. Please share information about KATH and the opportunities it offers with recent hires in your department.

As stipulated by the Constitution, the membership will approve the proposed 2012-2013 KATH Board at the business meeting held at the conclusion of the September conference. Nominations, including self-nominations, are currently being accepted.

If you are interested in serving, want to make a nomination, or if you have any questions, please contact Melanie Goan at or 859-271-9455.

KATH Board Positions
K-12 representatives (2)
Community college representative
Private/independent college representative
Public/comprehensive university representative
Research university representative
Public historian
Members at-large


June 18 site visit

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The KATH Summit participants (and whoever else is interested) are invited to a site visit in Louisville on Monday June 18th. Allison Martin Hunt ( is the advisor for the duPont Manual High School History Club – and they have generously offered to serve as the site host for the KATH Conference 2012.

We invite you to visit the site and continue in the discussions about the upcoming meeting set for Saturday, September 15, 2012.

Other items of interest:
A group of scholars successfully completed and submitted on June 1st a Kentucky Humanities Council minigrant on behalf of KATH.  We want to thank personally:

* Alana Cain Scott (KATH Treasurer and project bookkeeper)
* Melissa McEuen, Transylvania U (project humanities advisor)
* Randolph Hollingsworth, University of KY (project director)
* Allison Martin Hunt, duPont Manual High School (conference co-sponsor)
* Chris Taylor, EKU (conference co-sponsor)
* Kris DuRocher  (conference co-sponsor), Morehead
* Karen Petrone, UK  (conference co-sponsor)
* George Herring, UK (keynoter for Sept 15th)
* John Bowes, EKU (workshop facilitator)
* Louise T. Jones, KHS (workshop facilitator)
* Alicestyne Turley, UL (workshop facilitator)


Planning Meeting in May

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Our next KATH planning meeting is set for Saturday, May 19th at 9 a.m. Eastern, 102 Haupt Humanities Building, Transylvania University in Lexington. Contact Randolph Hollingsworth ( if you would like to conference in from a distance. Issues to address: conference place, student awards, budget, part-time KATH coordinator/manager.

KATH Conference, September 15, 2012 (offerings planned so far)

  • Keynote Address on Kentucky and the War of 1812: George Herring (UK), author of From Colony to Superpower: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1776
  • workshop on Native Americans and War of 1812: John Bowes (EKU)
  • workshop on African-Americans and War of 1812: Alicestyne Adams (UL)
  • workshop on genealogy: Cheri Daniels Louise T. Jones (KHS)
  • Chautauqua character actor, Harry Smith who plays Private William Greathouse, a militiaman from Kentucky during the War of 1812
  • KATH Tolson award (Alana?), Betts and Herring awards (Melissa?)
  • election of KATH Board and updating KATH bylaws

The KATH funding campaign is now critical – let Randolph know if you have trouble downloading the KATHsolicitationletter-April2012. We ask that you send it out to as many of your contacts as possible.

P.S. Congratulations to the past KATH Board member and current Planning Group member, Sarah Jane Poindexter of the Filson Club – she has been elected chair of the Kentucky Council on Archives.


Planning Meetings, January ’12

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KATH Conference Planning Meetings in January 2012

January 21, 10:30-11:30 a.m. at Randolph’s home
and January 28, 12-1 p.m. at Central KY Council for Peace and Justice office (both in Lexington)

Attendees:  Angela Ash (OCTC), Patty Dillon (Spalding), Jake Gibbs (BCTC), Randolph Hollingsworth (UK), Lorie Maltby (HenCC), Melissa McEuen (Transy), Gary Powell (BCTC), Vanessa de los Reyes (GatewayCTC), Alana Cain Scott (Morehead)

The group reviewed the notes from the December 9 planning session, the KATH Conference Budget 2010 developed by KATH Treasurer Alana Cain Scott, a proposed solicitation letter drafted by Angela Ash, and made the following decisions.

KATH bylaw changes re committee structure

An additional change to the bylaws was discussed: each member of KATH Board must agree to attend at least one meeting per semester (orientation in fall after conference and final planning session in late spring before conference – ideally on site) and participate on one committee or be removed from the Board.  New committees to be included in the KATH bylaws as recommended but with the requirement that each of the Executive Committee members would serve on one of the committees (though not as convener/chair):

  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee – president
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee – president-elect
  • Papers and Awards Committee – past-president
  • Nominating Committee – secretary
  • Funding and Finance Committee – treasurer

It was decided that the proposed “Communications Committee” could be dispensed with – that the coordinator would do this work.  Also, the H-Kentucky Advisory Board includes KATH Board members and could function as a more integral form of communication, especially when H-Kentucky shifts to the Drupal platform, allowing for more interactive and visually appealing forms of communication.

Additionally, the bylaws will be revised to remove the specific language about the dues – currently written specifically as $10 ($5 for students) per year.  The KATH Executive Committee will need greater flexibility in setting dues based on the reality of inflation and conference expenses.

KATH website (

Use the WordPress blog function as a way to communicate KATH business activities (request interested individuals to “follow” the blog via email notifications for each posting); past conference and Board information is still on the KY Virtual Library webserver and just needs to be redirected to the new domain name. Enid Wohlstein, KYVL Director, is working on this revision.

KATH conference and topic

The group agreed that the Kentucky Historical Society’s Center in Frankfort would be the ideal setting for this fall’s conference – Randolph will ask Derrell and Rebecca to see if they can reserve the Center for KATH on a Saturday in September (ideally the 15th or the 29th since the 22nd is already set for the KY Women’s Writers Conference).  Alana will collect the National History Day submissions for potential submissions for the Tolson prize; Melissa will work on getting the word out for the Clark and Betts prizes.  They will solicit volunteers to judge the papers.

The War of 1812 is of national interest this year and would be a natural topic for KATH to feature.  It could also allow for several opportunities for hands on activities, e.g., genealogy, local history (“You can do history yourself”) as well as offer discussion sessions on history of Native Americans, European and British history, use of primary sources, and the new Social Studies Core Curriculum standards.  Keynoter(s) should be respected historians here in Kentucky who will offer their services gratis this fall to help get KATH back on its feet.  Volunteers gratefully appreciated (yes, we mean you!).

KATH conference budget

Alana’s draft budget for the costs of a typical conference (approximately $3,500 depending on speakers’ costs and expenses) seemed reasonable to the group.  The remaining $311 in the KATH treasury could go toward a coordinator’s salary or be used for the KATH student paper awards.  Alana and Randolph will work on a KHC grant (March deadline) for this fall’s conference (Melissa will serve as the Humanities Scholar).  Alana and Melissa will work on a request for the Chautauqua character actor, Harry Smith who plays Private William Greathouse, a militiaman from Kentucky during the War of 1812.

KATH Solicitation letter

Angela drafted a letter for the group to review (KATH solicitation letter-draft Jan2012).  Response was positive and consensus was that there could be two letters crafted from this draft: one for recruiting new members and one for former members already familiar with KATH.  Past members also need to be alerted formally of the issues regarding KATH business, restructuring and that not just dues but additional donation (suggested $50) is needed in order to pay for a part-time coordinator.  The resulting letters would be sent electronically to the 2011 KATH Summit participants who can print them out and send via post (and email) to any and all.


Planning Session, 9 Dec 2011

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KATH Conference Planning Session
December 9, 2011; 4-5 pm; University of Kentucky
Attendees:  Angela Ash (Owensboro CTC), Lorie Maltby (Henderson CC), Randolph Hollingsworth (UK), Gary Powell (BCTC)

The group reviewed the notes from the KATH Summit held on November 11th, the KATH Constitution (most recently revised in 2006), and the notes from the December 2 brainstorming session.  The following recommendations were made:

  1. Send out the call for membership dues and donations (including an explanation of the need for a paid part-time Director)
  2. Recommend a change to the constitution to include more committees besides the Executive Committee so to allow for more evenly distributed responsibilities – each of the following new committees should have a designated chair/convener:
  • Executive Committee (primary tasks are to come up with annual conference theme and provide oversight for other committees)
  • Conference Program and Speakers Committee
  • Conference Location and Logistics Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Papers and Awards Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Funding and Finance Committee

The list of activities/duties of the “glue-person” from the December 2 session was prioritized to 4 must-have duties (with some revision) and 2 nice-to-have duties as follows:

Proposed KATH Director Activities

 Must Do:

  • Communicate with board members, plan meetings and assist president in supervising committee activities
  • Plan the annual conference in conjunction with the board
  • Maintain membership database and generate new members with mailings, etc.
  • Keep records
 Nice to Have:

  • Communicate with members by identifying resources, encouraging discussion on H-Kentucky and maintaining on the new H-Kentucky website (moving to Drupal this coming year) a clearinghouse for history educators in Kentucky
  • Coordinate KATH Paper Awards

The group suggested the call for donations should ask for $50.  The payment for the above duties could be $5,000 per year, in cash – say, $1,000 per task identified above.


  1. Angela will help Randolph draft a call for donations
  2. Randolph will talk with Alana about the status of the treasury, the budget allocation per type of expense/income, what it would cost to put on a conference in fall 2012
  3. Lorie will research other organizations as was recommended in Dec 2 meeting notes
  4. Randolph will talk with Enid Wohlstein (KYVL) about redirecting KATH website to new URL
  5. Gary will help Randolph identify existing KATH board members
  6. Randolph will call for attendees for a planning meeting in January


Summit on KATH, 11-11-11

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Kentucky Association of Teachers of History


M.I.King Library, University of Kentucky
November 11, 2011;  4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Refreshments courtesy of the UK History Department

Jake Gibbs (BCTC), Melanie Beal Goan (UK), Rebecca Hanly (KHS), Phil Harling (UK), George Herring (UK emeritus), Kate Hesseldenz (UK), Gordon Hogg (UK), Randolph Hollingsworth (UK), Jim Klotter (Georgetown), Lorie Maltby (Henderson CC), Karen Petrone (UK), Sarah-Jane Poindexter (Filson), Gary Powell (BCTC), Vanessa de los Reyes (Gateway CTC), Rick Smoot (BCTC), Paul Tenkotte (NKU), Anita Sanford Tolson (FCPS emeritus), Kitty Stephens (FCPS emeritus/BCTC)

Problem Identified:

There are many reasons for why the KATH Board was unable to organize the call for student papers and a conference for Fall 2011.  There are no KATH members and no leadership of the Board currently since the 2010 meeting did not elect a full slate, the 2011 President has served his one year term and the 2011 President-Elect resigned (with no new slate of officers and no Board leadership in place). The group surmised there may be too many people on the Board overall and much of the work is taken on by the President; so it is easier to avoid taking a leadership role when the need arises.  Another idea posed was that there was a lack of regular communications from the Board; KATH Newsletters (print, via postal mail) in the past kept the membership informed and helped keep attention on this small statewide conference despite so many other competing interests. The KATH website is down.

Decisions Made:

The group decided on three main actions to take:

  1. A call for membership dues and donations will be mailed this winter (including an explanation of the need for a paid part-time employee to organize KATH business)
  2. A small group would get together to plan a conference for Fall 2012 – starting in December
  3. A small group would gather to identify what a part-time KATH officer would need to do (tasks and the number of hours required) to keep KATH business, including the website, going for an academic year


  1. Each group member will look in their KATH papers to find names/addresses, try to ascertain if the information is still correct and send updated information to Randolph (; Jim will send to Randolph an example of a call for donations and she will draft up something for the whole group to review
  2. Randolph will use a Doodle calendar again to convene a meeting of the past KATH Board members and any others who may wish to attend to plan a conference for Fall 2012 in central Kentucky
  3. Jake, Kate, Melanie, Randolph, Anita [others?] will get together to identify tasks/hours/pay for KATH part-time employee (e.g., Chief Operating Officer?) and report back to the group


Summit subgroup, 2 Dec 2011

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KATH Meeting/Lunch at UK Boone Center, December 2, 2011

Present: Melanie Goan (UK) and Kate Hesseldenz (UK), but missing Jake Gibbs (BCTC) who had planned to come

We discussed what the duties of a “glue-person” might be:

  • Communicate with board members and plan meetings
  • Plan the annual conference in conjunction with the board
  • Plan other programs or professional development
  • Communicate with members (newsletters, etc.)
  • Membership-generate new members with mailings etc.  and maintain membership database
  • Promote KATH and maintain web site
  • Control finances
  • Keep records
  • Fundraise and explore grant options
  • Identify resources and serve as a clearing house for history educators
  • Administer Paper Awards

We felt that looking at other organizations like KATH would be helpful in determining structure, staffing, etc. Looking at the NCHE website is a good start because it lists all of the state history councils with links to several web sites:

We discussed the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies (KCSS) group and that perhaps they are drawing the K-12 teachers and KATH maybe should focus on the higher education group.  A joint annual meeting may be a good idea – similar to what is done in Michigan: Rebecca Hanly recently went to a KCSS meeting and she brought up this idea.  Many members were encouraging about the possibility of KATH holding a strand of sessions at KCSS.  They said there is a need for strong history content sessions for high school teachers because of the new end-of-course assessment.  If KATH wants to explore partnering in any way, the contact is Rick Daniel, the president at

We feel that institutional support from Kentucky Historical Society or UK would be good.  A discussion with Jody Blankenship at KHS is needed since he is listed on the NCHE web site as being the contact for our state with a link to the KATH web site.

We recommend that more research be done by looking at other organizations like KATH and by bringing in more people (i.e. current KATH board members, history educators, etc.) into the discussion to determine the relevancy of KATH and future of the organization.

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